Sound Healing: Featuring Lumirä from Canada

by Ahly TItchener

Meet Lumirä

Last year, stand out flautist and soundscape artist, Lumirä dropped into our inbox. She is of the generation that knows how to master the social media platform to broadcast and amplify her music to thousands of followers, giving her audience a much needed respite from their busy digital lives, into the ethereal sounds and nature backdrops her video clips offer.

Lumirä was drawn to Southern Cross Flutes because of the high quality craftsmanship and sound engineering. Lumirä has a G minor Ancient Kauri Love Flute from Southern Cross Flutes, and has showcased it on multiple platforms, including:

You can watch a video of her playing her Native American Style Flute from Southern Cross Flutes below:


Lumirä, is a multi-instrumentalist and artist who explores the relationship between nature and the sacred, as well as the many areas of human consciousness. Growing up in the heart of the Canadian boreal forest, she has long drawn her inspirations from the flora and fauna of her land.

Her explorations of voice and sound has inspired her to create music that transcends one’s spirit. Her work provides a sensorial experience by integrating deeply moving sounds and instruments to awaken people’s minds and emotions.

After spending many months in India and studying with traditional yogic gurus, she received her first bansuri flute and instantly fell in love. Recognising the power and connection between the breath and sound, a quest was born: the search for soulful wind instruments that bring peace and healing to one’s mind and heart. She then discovered the healing powers of the Native American flute and has been immersing her heart and soul in this instrument ever since.

Her music has touched millions of people all over the world and she continues to share her passion and unique offerings of healing sounds.


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  1. I have just found you! It’s really marvelous your music. Nice to listen to you.

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