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I get lots of people asking me what flute would suit them best. It’s such a personal choice, but I find I can get a good understanding of what you want once you’ve had a look-see at the different styles of flutes we make, and asked yourself a few key questions to fine-tune your preferences.

For the most comprehensive guide on how to custom your perfect flute, this section answers the questions you might have, providing you with sound clips and image galleries to peruse at your own leisure.

Once you have a feel for what you want, complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will take it from there.

Choose the Flute Type you want

  • Single Chamber Flutes

    Single chamber flutes include the Forest Flute, Love Flute, Grandfather Flute and Contrabass Flute.

    Forest Flutes are our high-octave flutes, they are sprightly and easy to play. They are great company on a forest hike, and fit snugly into your pocket or backpack.

    Love Flutes are our mid-octave (alto/tenor) flutes, being melodious and with warm tones. These easy to play and versatile flutes are the most commonly played Native American Style Flutes.

    Grandfather Flutes are our lowest-octave flutes – sonorous and deep flutes – they slow you down & soften the soul. These bass Native American Flutes are perfect for meditation.

  • Harmony Flutes

    Harmony Flutes are dual chambered flutes that include the Drone Flute, Temple Drone Flute, Mayan Temple Flute and Triple Chamber Flute

    Dual chamber flutes require a larger sustained breath than a single chamber flute, however you can alternate between playing one chamber and both.

Choose the Sound you want

  • Pitch

    Choosing the right pitch for your flute can come down to a couple of factors.

    Mood or ambiance of the pitch – for example, high flutes tend to be more effervescent and bubbly (and therefore suite a faster playful style of playing), while low flutes tend to be more meditative and languorous – in general suiting a slower, simpler style of playing.

    Play-ability or ergonomics of the flute. Higher pitched flutes have smaller and closer together finger holes, while the lower larger flutes require a stronger and more flexible hand span.

    Southern Cross Flutes provides the following pitches:

    • High (such as the Forest Flute range)
    • Middle (such as the Love Flute range and most of the Harmony Flutes)
    • Low (such as the Grandfather Flute & Contrabase range)


    Have a listen to hear the different flute keys

    • "G minor Forest Flute"
    • "D minor Forest Flute"
    • "C minor Forest Flute"
    • "B minor Forest Flute"
    • "A minor Love Flute"
    • "G minor Love Flute"
    • "F# minor Love Flute"
    • "F minor Love Flute"
    • "E minor Love Flute"
    • "D minor Grandfather Flute"
    • "C minor Grandfather Flute"
    • "B minor Grandfather Flute"
    • "A minor Grandfather Flute"
    • "G minor Grandfather Flute"
    • "F# minor Contrabass Flute"

    The standard frequency we use is 440hz which is concert pitch. This sounds pleasing with the majority of other musical instruments, as this is the frequency that a regular guitar player would tune to for example.

    We also provide the 432hz – a subtly lower frequency used for Sound Healings, Deep Relaxation Meditations, and tuning in with the rhythms of the organic world. Read more on 432hz at attunedvibrations.com


    Have a listen to hear the difference between the 440hz and 432hz. You’ll see  “432Hz” to inform which audio sample is which. The 440Hz audio samples do not have the Hz suffix.

    • "G Hijaz Love Flute - 432Hz"
    • "G Hijaz Love Flute"
    • "F# minor Temple Drone Flute - 432Hz"
    • "F# minor Temple Drone Flute"
    • "F# minor Love Flute - 432Hz"
    • "F# minor Love Flute"
    • "A minor Grandfather Flute - 432Hz"
    • "A minor Grandfather Flute"
    • "F# minor Contrabass Flute - 432Hz"
    • "F# minor Contrabass Flute"

    The default tuning we make is the Minor Pentatonic scale – the signature tuning for Native American Flutes. (We offer more about what scales you can play with this tuning in our Online Learning Course).

    We also provide the Hijaz Middle Eastern tuning, a playful augmented bluesy scale, commonly used in Greek and Arabic music – also referred to as the Middle Eastern Scale within the Native American Flute community.


    Have a listen to hear the difference between the pentatonic scale and the Hijaz Middle Eastern tuning (played in similar pitches can be made in any key to suit your preference).

    • "F# minor Love Flute"
    • "F# major Love Flute"
    • "F# Hijaz Love Flute"
  • Harmony

    One of the beautiful qualities of the dual chambered flutes is the harmony created. Through sensitive playing, the player can bring in and out the second chamber, adding layers and depth to the song. We craft a standard Drone Flute in various keys, a Mayan Temple Flute which has two chambers of differing lengths and pitches, as well as a Temple Drone Flute, which contains removable plugged melody holes on the left side of the flute.


    Have a listen to hear the different types of Harmony Flutes (played in various keys and can be made in any key to suit your preference).

    • "A Hijaz Drone Flute"
    • "E minor/B minor Mayan Temple Flute"
    • "F# minor Temple Drone Flute"

Choose the Wood you want

  • General

    Choosing the right wood for your flute is like finally finding your voice. What wood captures the look and sound that you’re going for? Choosing the right wood contributes to the sound, look, feel, smell and even taste of your flute.

    It is perhaps the most special part of designing your own flute; for you are choosing the wood that sings to you personally. We have a wide range of beautiful woods to choose from, as well as a few rare pieces.

    I find myself mesmerized by the fantastic grain features of Western Red Cedar, (as too its fragrance); Black walnut is well figured with striking grain lines; Ancient Kauri shows off its age with deep dark colours and a scintillating grain. These are some of my favourite, but there are many options.


    Soft woods – such as Western Red Cedar and Ancient Kauri – are light to hold and have that classic warm rich and resonant sound. They require more considered handling as they can scratch and ding easier than hard woods.



    Hard woods – such as Jarrah, Pohutakawa and Black Walnut – offer a bold clear sound. Durable to handle but wet-out quicker than soft woods.

Choose the Flute Design you want


    Our standard look is one piece of wood for the flute with a two tone wood totem. This can be changed to include…

    • different wood for the mouthpiece
    • different wood for the nest
    • different wood for the endpiece

    Different woods paired together can be subtle or high-contrasting. Depending on your selection, the effect can be elegant or clanky, so have a chat with me if you’re unsure.


    Deeper (larger) flutes like the Grandfather Flutes, have greater spacing between finger-holes and can be quite a stretch if you have smaller hands. We can cleverly offset the finger holes to make them more accessible and easier to play.

    Or choose to have centre-line finger hold placement if you prefer that look and your hand-span can cope.

    Finger holes which can either be right-handed or left handed for easier and relaxed playing.


    Our standard totem is a stylised bird shape in two wood tones or a single wood. Customised totems include unique wood selections, as well as carved spiritual animals.

Choose the Embellishments you want


    We have many ways of adding a small but unique touch to your flute. This includes…

    • gems,
    • stones
    • copper emblems
    • pyrotechnic symbols
    • carvings
    • engravings

    We can do large embellishments too. See the images below of specifically requested examples.


"I ordered a grandfather flute two months ago, that i just received, and it is absolutely stunning. Todd was prompt and attentive in the communications we had, ensuring that the customised engraving I wanted was added to perfection. My experience from beginning contact with SCF, to receiving the flute was such a great experience – I highly recommend these flutes to anyone interested in beautifully crafted custom flutes."

Alexandre Jodun

Kauri F#minor Love Flute

Your Own Personal and Unique Native American Style Flute

Making a Custom Made Flute allow for a conversation that dives to the heart and soul of the experience you wish to bring about. Will it be a…

  • flirtatious flute for your next adventure overseas?
  • mellow companion for an overfilled life?
  • touchstone of ritual and healing for the world?

We love the distinctive and individual requests we receive. Why not…

  • insert an amethyst crystal
  • choose your animal totem, medicine wheel or mandala
  • tune it to the earth’s harmonics of 432htz


Please specify as much details as you know for you custom made Native American Style Flute so that we can provide an accurate a quote as possible.

Please note our workshop is super full at the moment – the wait time for a custom made flute is 2-3 months depending on the complexity of the flute you want. A deposit will lock your flute into the workshop queue, with final payment to be made on completion of your flute. Payment by instalments can be made over the duration of your flute being made if this is preferable.

We will do our best to respond to your enquiry within a week. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Please select your preferred placement of secondary wood

    Choose as many options as you want

    With All Our Flutes, We Promise …

    Southern Cross Flutes values your business and we want to be sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

    If you have any problem with any of our flutes or other products please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to resolve any issue so that you can fully enjoy your musical experience.

    We stand behind our instruments completely! If the sound is affected by any structural defect, such as natural cracks, we will assess the flute and either replace it in full, or repair it.

    In case of accidental damage we will make every effort to repair the flute at a reasonable rate, plus the cost of return shipping.

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