I constantly receive emails from customers thanking me for their new flute. Hearing from my customers reminds me of why I first started playing flutes. It’s a magical journey and one I’m honoured to share with those who cross my path.

Here are a few snippets of emails I’ve received from customers

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Hi Everyone,

My flutes have just arrived – Oh my word!!!! they are so beautiful and their tone is superb. I’m lost for words, they are easy to play and I am so delighted to own such instruments. Thank you so much Roger, and thank you Bruce for my G flute which is my working flute. I have to say that Southern Cross Flutes beat the lot, they are the Bechsteins of the flute world. Worth every penny.

with warmest wishes,


Your flutes are incredible…
Perfectly tuned. Easy to play. Fantastic tonal quality. These are the best flutes on the planet!
I pulled it out of the box and put it directly on the stage! I’ll be rockin it in the morning for about 1,000 people here in Atlanta Georgia. Setting the tone and healing the world with your incredible tool brother!
Thank you for being so amazing!!!

Bronkar Lee

Hi Todd,

Love the flute and the feeling of the wood!!! My lungs aren’t bothering me like they did when I played my wood recorder as a teenager. And thanks for the info on the Essential Guide!


Leslie Fedoras

Hi Todd,

My flute has finally arrived and I am completely enamoured with it! It has a gorgeous sound and the wood is remarkable as is the craftsmanship. Also, the book is quite thorough and I am so glad I purchased it too.

Thank you so much for my flute and book!

Warm wishes,

Louise Mullins

Hey, the flute just got here today and I had a few hours to mess around with it and I love it! It sounds and looks amazing and I wanna thank you for doing such a great job with it!

Garrett Millizer

Hey Todd,

She is sooo great, looks very nice and sounds absolutely beautiful!!!!
THANK YOU A LOT! I love it,


Hey Todd

Just a quick note to thank you for crafting my flute it’s a very beautiful monster a monster size a monster to play and monster sounds when it all comes together I truly love it and I’m up for the challenge of mastering it….one thing it’s done is that it makes my other Flutes seem so much easier to play…. I’m starting to branch out into learning other scales now and I’ll start looking at learning specific pieces from there I was told just to keep playing my own way for the first year or two so as to develop my own sound and then move from there it has felt right and a good thing to do…a year or so in I’m as passionate as ever still playing most days for an hour or more… thank you for crafting by far and away the 2 best flutes I have.
When the time is right I would like you to craft my next flute that maybe sometime away as I have plenty to get on with for now … Thank you so very much I truly appreciate and love your flutes…. go well for the future I’ll contact you a little further down the road
Cheers Johnny

Johnny Harris

Hello Todd!
I hope everything is good with you! I just got the flute and played it until it got too wet. Thank you! It is an amazing flute with such beautiful sound and looks. I wish i had more english great words to describe it! It is just so perfect! Thank you, really just wanted you to know it arrived safe and in one piece.
Take care. I will def spread the word about The southern cross flutes to anyone who asks about this flute. And there’s no doubt ppl will. If I ever take it outside the house!
Greetings from A very happy Tindra!

Tindra Collett

Todd, the flute is so amazing.
Thank you. Feels so special to have sacred sound back into my life, and it feels like an answer to my prayers! Thank you!

Alec Rouben

Dear Todd,

I just wanted to let you know that my flute is amazing – I was using it with my shaman in Peru – to give thanks to the Apus (the mountains) and he also was intrigued by its sound!
Maybe you would like to listen to the sound in the high mountains of the Andeans? You know that I did not play flute before but
Somehow I just improvise….
Lots of munay to you from Hamburg and I hope to be able to visit you one day to personally see more of your flutes….

Annette Lachmann

Hi Todd,

The flute has arrived and I am loving it. Such a beautiful healing tone. Many thanks, and I will be in touch again later in the year for a another Grandfather Flute. Best wishes,

Gareth Mansell

Hello Todd!
I have just received my flute in the mail and I am so incredibly pleased with how it turned out. It has such a lovely sound and feel. Thank you so much for your craftsmanship.

Melena Touloupas

Hi Todd,
I didn’t have a chance to thank you for my flute yet. It’s a beautiful instrument! And sounds perfect. I love it and I am having a great time playing it. Thank you again,
All the best!

Veronique Kaplan


I live and work in a beautiful part of NZ, in Aoraki National Park.  I bought an Indian Heart Rimu Love Flute and music book and CD from Southern Cross Flutes and WOW,  the item arrived in mint condition. The gorgeous flute was here, crafted beyond my imagination and the colours of the Heart Rimu,  everything about it, stunning. Also initially on giving Todd my budget range, I was so impressed by his total honesty as a craftsman and person, in having a flute for me that actually was under budget.   The flute’s tone as a total newbie to flute playing is just gorgeous. It is so light but is a delight to hold as feels totally balanced in my hands and the sound is so inspirational. I am a novice classical guitar player and wanted a flute to add to my interest as different sounds.  I have no hesitation in recommending Todd for buying a flute from and I myself will be adding another flute in the future. I feel the flute I bought spoke to me, was made just for me, as I gently blew air into it playing my very first note, we became one.

gentle breath
you came alive
your voice so sweet to me
calming, haunting, spiritual
gentle whispers from the sea

The wee poems just came totally out of the blue, I used to write poems as a hobby and had a few published in NZ and overseas.  The above feel free to put in blog to inspire others or whatever. The sea is calming and just an abstract play on words as the sea can be haunting to and whispers from the sea is like the gently lapping waves and as inland like the sea calling one from afar.

Yours with respect

Maureen Gibson

Good morning Todd,

The flutes are so fantastic!!! so beautiful and they sound (at the beginning they sounded weird but that was my fault because I played wrong) so nice! If there wouldn’t be my little baby son, I would play all day. 😉  I don’t know which one I like better, they are just wonderful! Best christmas present ever! 🙂

Thank you very much Todd! 🙂

I am thinking of buying the deepest contrabass flute in future, so if you have one please let me know.

Carolin Specht

Hi Todd,

I received my flute yesterday.  What a special little flute; I’m having trouble getting it out of my 14 year old son’s hands.  You might be sending another flute this way in the near future. Best regards.

Sharon Anderson

Todd, The most beautiful flute & the most beautiful sounding flute has arrived!! I played & I cried. You are a artist & wonderful creator. I truly thank you.

Sandy McBee

Hello Todd

I received my Grandfather flute today and I am extremely happy with it. You are an incredible craftsperson.
Many thanks.

Nikolai Wielart

Hi Todd,

The flute arrived today and it feels and sounds stunning! The jade is lovely too. As soon as I played it the frogs started up. I look forward to exploring it and playing duets with the local birdlife.

Merrilyn Air

Hey Todd,

My flute arrived today!  It is really beautiful – and once I adjusted the totem I was able to get some beautiful sounds out of it.
Many thanks.

Paula Lutz

Hello Todd!
Hope all is well with you! The flute arrived yesterday! Was able to pick it up today at Post Office! WOW!!!!! Very beautiful and well crafted!!! I find your crafting skills are nothing short of “brilliant “ The way it’s crafted the flutes voice is “smooth and highly meditative” Just what I was looking for in a Contra Bass! Thank you so very much for making this very special flute!!! Take care my friend and many blessings to you!!! My next flute from you will be a Grandfather low bass C minor! I will let you know.

Louis Delmar

Friendly helpful service. I am delighted with my starter flute and tutorial book/DVDs. The level of professionalism of Todd’s products, presentation and customer service is truly impressive. I’m looking forward to developing my flute-playing skills.

Raymond Watchman

I ordered a grandfather flute two months ago, that i just received, and it is absolutely stunning. Todd was prompt and attentive in the communications we had, ensuring that the customised engraving I wanted was added to perfection. My experience from beginning contact with SCF, to receiving the flute was such a great experience – I highly recommend these flutes to anyone interested in beautifully crafted custom flutes.

Alexandre Jodun

Oh my god Todd I love you!!! Thanks so much for your amazing craftsmanship, the new flute is blowing my mind and the mind of everyone who hears it! It’s so beautiful. I took it to work today as there was no way I could leave it at home and have played it in a drum session, sat in a sunny window spot, at a reception, in a baby shower and by myself in the office, and that’s just today!!!! Blessings to you my friend.


Highest regards for your skills and passion in flute-making and please extend my regards to the artists who did the wolf painting and weaved the Harakeke pouch. I can’t thank you all enough! The end product is so beautiful!


I ordered my flute a few months ago for my collection of sound healing instruments and I am still very happy with it. It has been a pleasure to get in contact with Todd, he kindly answered all my questions in detail. You can tell he truly loves his work and takes good care of his customers. I find this very important – the spirit of the place where your flute is made. Very good spirit here! The flutes are high quality and just incredible both in tone and craftsmanship. Look at the photos, you will know what I mean. Beautiful woods to swoon over… What a delight! I will order another flute for sure.

Carolin Nobles