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From humble beginnings of Flute Circles in Todd’s backyard, to establishing Flute Camp Aotearoa, the Flute Community in New Zealand is thriving. And for those outside of NZ, there are many online groups and forums we recommend to stay connected.

The New Zealand Flute Community

The New Zealand Flute Circle is a community. It is made up of the regional Flute Circles that have developed, and is centralized here on the Southern Cross Flutes website and Facebook page. While the New Zealand Flute community that we are creating plays mainly the Native American Style Flute, we love all kinds of world-flutes and instruments – we are a fully inclusive group!

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Flute Circles are events (typically an afternoon) during which groups of people get together and share their flute playing and stories.

At flute circles you’ll find people just like you, some complete beginners and some very experienced players, but we all have something to offer and share, so your playing level isn’t really of much importance. What is important though, is your keenness to learn and give it a go.

At Flute Circles you can expect to learn new songs, try out new scales, explore ornaments and embellishments, play along with other flute players as well as musicians, and also share resources. Depending on who is facilitating it, you might get taught specific skills from an experienced player, and there might even be an opportunity to test out new flutes.

If you’d like to host a flute circle, please contact me and I can inform you about how to be a successful flute circle host.

Where are they

We’ve had Flute Circles in Auckland, Thames, and Wellington. I’m really interesting in traveling the country to host these, so if you’d like a flute circle in your town, please contact me and we can start to organise it.

Let’s grow the New Zealand Flute Community.

Find us:

You can track us down and join our Facebook page – The New Zealand Flute Circle


Flute Camp Aotearoa is a multi-day residential retreat that offers participants an opportunity to develop their flute playing in a safe and supportive environment. We have a focus on the Native American Style Flute, and welcome players of all levels of abilities.

Flute Camp Aotearoa are enormously transformative, and inspiring. Read what past participants have to say.

Flute Communities Worldwide

A great source to find out about the flute scene internationally is through World Flutes Org.

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