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Accurate tuning for diverse scales to be played. Wide range of keys for playing with accompaniment.


Naturally Elegant

We use organic plant oils and tree resins to protect and nourish your flute.

Our elegant designs showcases the stunning woods that are the heart of our collection.


Oil bath helps to solidify the wood.

Carnuba Wax buff provides an outer layer.

Single bore construction means no chance of join splitting. Soft padded carry bag for storing and handling.

Featuring the
Ancient Kauri wood

40,000 year old swamp timber, these trees fell thousands of years ago and were preserved in organic mineral rich swamps. This wood has a beautiful natural depth and radiance.

Woods that have Soul

Choose from our premium characteristic woods, hand selected and cherished. Creating a positive future means taking care of the environment in the present. I endeavor to use woods that are plantation grown or from the wood-stacks of retired wood-workers.

Choosing how to finish a flute also has an environmental footprint. All Southern Cross Flutes are finished with a completely natural and chemical-free wood oil, made from plant oils and tree resins, by a local New Zealand company. This blend of ingredients protects and nourishes the flute, as well as showcasing the unique grain of the wood.

Make it Your Own

Add your personal touch, select a crystal, stone or carving that sings to you. With a little more time, we can custom make your flute to suit your tastes.

With All Our Flutes, We Promise …

Southern Cross Flutes values your business and we want to be sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If you have any problem with any of our flutes or other products please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to resolve any issue so that you can fully enjoy your musical experience.

We stand behind our instruments completely! If the sound is affected by any structural defect, such as natural cracks, we will assess the flute and either replace it in full, or repair it.

In case of accidental damage we will make every effort to repair the flute at a reasonable rate, plus the cost of return shipping.

Music Books

We have a selection of instructional and inspiring books for the Native American Style Flute. Our most popular book, Enchanted Journeys, is the world’s best instructional book on how to play the Native American Style Flute. Crafted for the modern reader and learner of the flute, beginner to advanced.

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How do I know which flute will suit me best?

Buying a flute is a personal journey into discovering what sounds, looks, smells and feel are right for you. Check out our video guide, as well as the galleries, videos and audios here.

Can I add a gemstone/carving to the flute I want to buy?

Sure, you will see on most Made to Order flutes, that there is a gemstone selection. If you are having a custom made flute that we have helped design, then the choice of stones is yours. We order in all our gemstones, and can generally find what you seek. 

How big are the finger holes / how far apart (Will I be able to play it)?

This differs from all flutes, and it’s not possible to give an easy answer as to whether you will be able to play it, even if the dimensions are listed.
The best idea is to contact me with the flute you have in mind, and I can send you the finger spacing and hole size for the particular flute.

Can I pay an initial deposit for my flute?

Yes, you will see on all Made to Order flutes that a deposit is payable. This locks your order into our schedule. The balance of the item is required before postage. All custom made flutes also require a deposit. Flutes that are In Stock do not accept deposits.

How long will it take for my flute to arrive?

Standard Airmail takes up to 10 working days, and is not tracked. Courier Post takes up to 6 working days, and is tracked. DHL takes up to 4 working days. These are estimates, and sometimes depending on your location (rural/remote island) you could expect longer. Sometimes items get caught up in your Customs department, which again lengthens delivery time.

How to find the right flute for you

Hear from Todd about some important elements to consider when choosing a flute; in particular, the quality of sound you want, type of wood, personal comfort, and price.

Worldwide Delivery. We ship all products using New Zealand Post using their standard shipping rates. Courier and Tracked are also available if requested.

We want to be sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, all our handcrafted flutes come with a lifetime guarantee. Please read our terms and conditions.

Southern Cross Flutes accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, and Bank Transfers payments. (Cheque, and cash payments are available for NZ customers). Please select at checkout.

DHL Express Shipping for all Flute Orders.

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