Southern Cross Flutes chooses premium timber when selecting woods for flutes. Our wood is chosen for durability, resonance and beauty.

Every wood tells a story; read about some of the more popular woods we handcraft our Native American Style Flutes from.

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I live and work in a beautiful part of NZ, in Aoraki National Park.  I bought an Indian Heart Rimu Love Flute and music book and CD from Southern Cross Flutes and WOW,  the item arrived in mint condition. The gorgeous flute was here, crafted beyond my imagination and the colours of the Heart Rimu,  everything about it, stunning. Also initially on giving Todd my budget range, I was so impressed by his total honesty as a craftsman and person, in having a flute for me that actually was under budget.   The flute’s tone as a total newbie to flute playing is just gorgeous. It is so light but is a delight to hold as feels totally balanced in my hands and the sound is so inspirational. I am a novice classical guitar player and wanted a flute to add to my interest as different sounds.  I have no hesitation in recommending Todd for buying a flute from and I myself will be adding another flute in the future. I feel the flute I bought spoke to me, was made just for me, as I gently blew air into it playing my very first note, we became one.

gentle breath
you came alive
your voice so sweet to me
calming, haunting, spiritual
gentle whispers from the sea

The wee poems just came totally out of the blue, I used to write poems as a hobby and had a few published in NZ and overseas.  The above feel free to put in blog to inspire others or whatever. The sea is calming and just an abstract play on words as the sea can be haunting to and whispers from the sea is like the gently lapping waves and as inland like the sea calling one from afar.

Yours with respect

Maureen Gibson