Sound healing: Featuring Sika Rose from New Zealand

It’s a real pleasure to introduce you to Sika – a pioneer of Sound Journeying – who has been offering Sound Journeys for over 25 years around the world, making him one of the most experienced practitioners today. Sika is recognised by significant Maori, Native American and Aboriginal elders, including the Yuin tribe of South Australia for the work that he does with the land and the people of the land.

Sika is well known in the spirit festival scene throughout New Zealand, Australia and the UK. He is best-known for playing the didgeridoo – that ancient, grounding sound – but includes instruments from all over the world, including drums, Native American Style Flutes, rattles and Maori Taonga Puoro. He also use leaves, stones and shells alongside field recordings from the Australian and New Zealand bush, as well as voice and breath.

What is a Sound Journey?

Sika’s sound journeys are a shamanic style of sound bath. Like most gong baths and sound baths, people lie down and relax to beautiful sounds. But the sound journey really is a ‘journey’.

The instruments guide you wordlessly into powerful inner states. Some people perceive visions, colours and memories. Others gain clarity and new ideas. Many set an intention or ask for guidance. It is a deeply personal experience and your experience will vary each time.

Participants often feel the vibration in their bodies, as Sika moves around the space while playing. He also uses unfamiliar instruments such as Māori Taonga Puoro, which can have haunting and unusual ‘voices’. This adds to a sense of mystery and helps us drop into meditative, wordless states.

Experience it for yourself: lie down in a warm dark space, and journey with Sika.

Sika’s sound journeys can be found on bandcamp.

Sika is an accomplished musician – he can bring the Native American Flute alive in voice and spirit, allowing the listener to inhabit the nooks and crannies of the flute’s story. He has an album dedicated to this instrument that I encourage you to check out. Flutes are from Southern Cross Flutes.

You can find out more about Sika’s events, music and artwork on his website including online sound journeys that he’s offering.

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  1. Sika is still one of my favorite Didge musicians and now as a Native American flute player, I get to enjoy his interpretation of this incredibly spiritual instrument. A marriage of the Aboriginal instrument and Native American instrument from a soulful musician of Sika’s talent is truly a gift to the spiritual world of musicians. Thank you, Brother. I’m now living in the Puna Region of the Big Island of Hawaii, an area seemingly stuck with the spiritual effects of the 70s… Rx

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