Grandfather Flutes are our lowest-octave flutes. Sonorous and deep flutes. They slow you down & soften the soul. These bass Native American Flutes are available in a selection of keys, and perfect for meditation.

These flutes come in the keys of D ,C, B, A and F# minor pentatonic. D minor being the highest pitched flute in this range.

The Contrabass Flute is the lowest of this range and comes in F# minor and comes with or without a side-blown mouth piece for easy playing.

The Woods

We take enormous care to select special and unique woods as this is one of the main reasons why our customers keep coming back for more Southern Cross Flutes. Check out our Woods page

The Finish

All flutes are finished with a completely natural and chemical free wood oil, from plant oils and tree resins, produced by a local New Zealand company. This blend of ingredients protects and nourishes the flute, as well as showcasing the unique grain of the wood. The final touch is a good ol’ buff with Carnauba wax, which helps to wick away moisture from the air channel while creating a durable and lustrous finish. We’ve found this method the safest, to protect your Native American Flute, as well as being healthy for you and the environment.

The Tuning

The tuning of this flute makes it a highly versatile instrument. While it is precisely tune to the extended minor pentatonic scale, the playable range extends to one and a quarter octave, with a selection of up to 10 notes. Numerous scales are playable on this flute, including the minor pentatonic scale, jazz scale, major scale, and gypsy scale. This tuning is very common on the Native American Flute.

How To Find The Right Flute For You

Hear from Todd about some important elements to consider when choosing a flute; in particular, the quality of sound you want, type of wood, personal comfort, and price.

Listen to our flutes

The highest pitch Grandfather Flute is the D minor, which is also deeper than flutes in the Love Flutes range.

The deepest of our Grandfather Flutes is the F# Contrabass Flute.

  • "D minor Grandfather Flute"
  • "C minor Grandfather Flute"
  • "B minor Grandfather Flute"
  • "A minor Grandfather Flute"
  • "G minor Contrabass Flute"
  • "F# minor Contrabass Flute"

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