What is the best flute for you?

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We cover the basics of how to choose your perfect flute in the Custom Design your own Flute page.

Below, we offer our recommendation of specific flutes for specific purposes. We are always happy to hear from you about your preferences too.

Watch our tutorial on how to choose your perfect flute

Watch our guide for selecting the best flute for you from our range. Todd discusses each type of flute we have at Southern Cross Flutes, going over their subtleties and beauty.



What flute suits you best for where you’re at now?

  • Just starting your journey into flute playing? Here’s what we recommend


    People always wonder what the best native american flute for beginners might be. My recommendations take into consideration the hand-ability of the flute, durability, affordability and ease of breath control.

    The Black Walnut Love Flute in A minor is soft sounding and easy to play, making it my choice for a first flute.

    If you want something a little more exotic, our Ancient Kauri Love Flute in F# or G minor are a superb place to begin learning the Native American Style Flute, with easy to reach finger-hole placement, easeful breath pressure, sensuous to listen to, and light and durable.

    These flutes are in the Alto range, and prices start from around $680.


    The Essential Guide

    Learn to play with Enchanted Journeys – The Essential Guide for the Native American Style Flute. This comprehensive product brings together all the tools the beginning or the advancing player requires in one package, with multiple additional e-features to optimize learning on your tablet, e-reader or laptop – whatever is easiest for you.

    Jam Tracks

    Native American Flute Accompaniment Music – Jam Tracks in a selection of keys, are a collection of “play-along” songs for jamming, improving your playing, performance, and fun on Native American Flutes. Each CD has between 20-24 tracks over 80 minutes. Amazing! Produced by Clint Goss, from Flutopedia. I love these CDs, highly recommended as they lend themselves so perfectly to accompanying on the flute!

  • Have you been playing for some time (or naturally musical) and want a new challenge? Here’s what we recommend


    Or book a flute lesson with Todd. Topics we can explore include:

    • Flute technique – mastering the basics of dual chambered flutes
    • Learning songs – I’ve got a great selection we can practice
    • Scale exploring – test out the various playing patterns and scales including Mode 4
    • Duets – yup, that’s playing together on our flutes
    • Jamming – a bit like playing together, but we can use loads of other instruments as well
    • Songwriting – want to write your own flute piece?

    Costs and timings:
    30 minute lessons: $60 NZD

    Are you wanting to perform with your Native American Flute? Then you may like to check out the Native American Flute Musicians Public Group | Facebook page – a page for Native American Flute Musicians & Flute Makers. Feel free to post photos and videos.

  • Native American Flutes have a natural affinity with healing and meditation circles.


    These are our most popular requested flutes for healing and meditation circles

    If you’re wanting a flute for this purpose, consider adding some unique touches such as gems or your animal totem. See our Custom Design your own Flute page to add an embellishment.


    Within our own Southern Cross Flutes community, we feature a few wonderful beings who are using their talents and energy for healing and well-being.

    Sika Rose

    Sika Rose is another special person to experience. He is a pioneer of sound journeys, his work reflects a lifetime of listening to the rhythms of nature. Sika’s music is strong and rhythmic, haunting and ethereal, Sika’s ancient sounds transport you to a different place and time.

    Seek out Sika at his website here.

    Carolin Nobles

    I’d like to introduce you to Carolin Nobles, a delightful person who has a special affinity for sound healing, singing light language AND Native American Flutes.

    Seek out Carolin Nobles at her website here.

    Kailash Kokopelli

    Kailash Kokopelli is another beloved in our community. Kailash is recognized as a mystic flautist, a cross-cultural bridge-maker, medicine person and humanitarian artist. As a sacred world music producer, multi-instrumentalist and expert in Sound Medicine he offers his instruments as prayer tools and keys to initiate self-healing processes and expanded awareness.

    Seek out Kailash at his website here.

  • Want to take your flute traveling? Here’s what we recommend


    Forest Flutes

    Almost pocket sized, the Heart Rimu G minor Forest Flute is a go-anywhere flute. It’ll set the birds dancing and send echoes down the mountain valleys. Also a Most Popular Flute, the Black Walnut D minor Forest Flute is handy enough to slide into a small backback, and reverberates with clean precision and uplift.

    Love Flutes

    Deep enough to induce quality meditation states as well as to impress other wanders, the Black Walnut Love Flute in A and G minor are fabulously durable choices.


    World Flute Society — All flute players travels a similar path, being inspired with an eagerness to learn how to play, to improve upon playing ability, and/or to engage in fellowships with like-minded individuals. Musical companionship and partnership is an integral part of the flute journey, whether professional, amateur, or enthusiast. Check out more at the World Flute Society page on Flute Circles, Clubs & groups.

    Native American Flute “Enthusiasts” Public Group | Facebook — The Native American Flute “Enthusiasts”  group was created to connect all members related to the Native American flute. Flute makers and players, as well as flute enthusiasts are all welcomed!  We also encourage using this group to bring awareness to flute circles across the globe.

    Here in Aotearoa/New Zealand we have our local flute community, an annual residential Flute Camp, and flute circles growing and developing in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch; be sure to check our website for updates, as well as our Facebook pages: Southern Cross Flutes and New Zealand Flute Circle.

Have a Listen

Listen to samples of the Southern Cross Flutes range and see what appeals most for you.

Compare Flutes

  • Love Flutes

    From USD $375

    Love Flutes are our mid-octave (alto/tenor) flutes, being melodious and with warm tones. These easy to play and versatile flutes are the most commonly played Native American Style Flutes.

  • Forest Flutes

    From USD $243

    Forest Flutes are our high-octave flutes, they are sprightly and easy to play. They are great company on a forest hike, and fit snugly into your pocket or backpack.

  • Grandfather Flutes

    From USD $486

    Grandfather Flutes are our lowest-octave flutes – sonorous and deep flutes – they slow you down & soften the soul. These bass Native American Flutes are available in a selection of keys, and perfect for meditation.

  • Drone Flutes

    From USD $590

    Native American Style Drone Flutes are dual chambered flutes, playing a drone through the left chamber, and melodic playing on the right – a hybrid Native American Indian Style Flute.


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