“This is the only book and e-learning platform you’ll need to get started & progress with your flute – it’s exceptionally comprehensive and so easy to follow.” – Rob Harding

The Essential Guide

Learn to play with Enchanted Journeys – The Essential Guide for the Native American Style Flute. This comprehensive product brings together all the tools the beginning or the advancing player requires in one package, with multiple additional e-features to optimize learning on your tablet, e-reader or laptop – whatever is easiest for you.

Let's Begin

Free online tutorials – the basics

Our Native American Flute YouTube Channel, hosted and run by Southern Cross Flutes, is designed to help you learn and progress.

There are a couple of Flute exercises to try your hand at, covering natural-world imitation, chakra-attunement and playful wooing.

Learn From Our Youtube ChannelLet's Play

Comprehensive online learning

Includes full access to the Enchanted Journeys online interactive e-Learning Media Support Centre – featuring video and audio tutorials, the model performance music library and more when you purchase Enchanted Journeys – The Essential Guide for the Native American Style Flute.

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Personal Native American Flute Lessons with Todd Chaplin

Online or In-Person.

Are you keen to develop your playing skills, or wanting to sit down with another flute player for a while? It’s a great idea and you’ll find yourself progressing further with your flute very quickly. Online Native American Flute lessons are a fantastic way to improve your playing and it’s important to find a high quality teacher. Todd is a trained teacher with years of experience in music facilitation (as well as being the head craftsman at Southern Cross Flutes.

Book a flute session with Todd today.

Topics we can explore include:

  • Flute technique – mastering the basics of dual chambered flutes
  • Learning songs – I’ve got a great selection we can practice
  • Scale exploring – test out the various playing patterns and scales including Mode 4
  • Duets – yup, that’s playing together on our flutes
  • Jamming – a bit like playing together, but we can use loads of other instruments as well
  • Songwriting – want to write your own flute piece?

Costs and timings:
30 minute lessons: $50 USD

Skype or in person. Online Native American Flute Lessons are extremely successful and rewarding. Regular lessons are optimal, however a one-off lesson is also highly rewarding.

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