Sound Healing: Featuring Carolin Nobles from Germany

by Ahly Titchener

Here’s a customer of Southern Cross Flutes that I’m eager to introduce you to. Carolin Nobles from Germany. Through her passion for sound healing and music, she has introduced many people to the joy of the Native American Flute, so much so, that we receive a steady trickle of enquiries from people who have come across Carolin and the work she does.

It’s easy to see why. What strikes me about Carolin is her willingness to share her journey, and to bring anyone who is interested in what she’s offering, along for the ride. She’s like the scout who makes the journey easier for those following in her footsteps. She is altogether generous with her advice and wisdom, offering informative and inspiring video blogs along the way.

In one of her latest video blogs, Carolin shares her journey as a musician, from moving out of her head, performing and thinking about great lyrics, to going into nature and just letting the music and sound flow.

In this video she shares also the instruments she uses; focusing on the ones that are easy to play and to use for everyone. She mentions the Koshi Chimes, Sansula, Native American Flutes, Voice and Shamanic Drums. 

It’s a beautiful testimony to the journey towards Heart.

Watch: How I Got Into Sound Healing & My Favorite Intuitive Instruments below


These days, Carolin is focused on creating art and painted shaman drums (they’re amazing!). 

Carolin’s website is full of gems, do check her out!

Carolin’s Sound Healing Album

When Carolin used to live in New Zealand, she created a sound healing album; Inner Journey. It features three Southern Cross Flutes Native American Flute songs (tracks 1,5,7).

You can get it here on her Bandcamp website, or it is also on iTunes and all other platforms.

Caroline’s collection of Southern Cross Flutes


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