Here’s how a professional plays the F# minor Contrabass – featuring Brian Horton

F# minor Contrabass Native American Flute made out of Ancient Kauri from Southern Cross Flutes

I love receiving recordings of music from our Southern Cross Flute community. And what a gift to share it out to the world.

Back in October 2019, Brian contacted us to make him an F# minor Contrabass Flute. As an accomplished musician, and an eye for detail, he wanted something pretty special. With some back and forward on the design and wood selection of the flute, we settled on sourcing him some highly figured Ancient Kauri, with a striking Black Walnut piece of wood for the mouthpiece, adaptor and nest. Some turquoise finished off the flute beautifully.

When the flute was finished, we sent him the photos, he replied:

Is this my flute?? If it is I am blown away by how beautiful it came out!! Couldn’t be happier with it! Thank you.

Yes my friend, that is your flute!

And here’s the email I received from Brian after he received his flute.

Greetings Todd and Ahly,

My F# Contrabass flute arrived safely and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!!┬áSuch a work of art to say the least.

As promised I have been making a lot of new music with this INCREDIBLE F# Contrabass you made me (see below).

I plan on making a video with images of the flute and beautiful landscape to embellish the video. Thanks again and let’s discuss my next Contrabass! What other keys do you make them in?

Blessings –
Brian Horton
Cabinfever Productions
“Music Is What Feelings Sound Like”

So how does a professional play an F# minor Contrabass Flute?

Take a listen to these two beautiful pieces of Flute music by Brian Horton. Both feature Brian’s new F# minor Contrabass Native American Style Flute from Southern Cross Flutes.

Thank you Brian for letting us share your beautiful music with our Southern Cross Flutes tribe. A beautiful melancholic soundscape to be enjoyed over and over.

If you also have an awesome audio or video recording of you playing your Southern Cross Flute Native American Style Flute, let us know. We will love to share it. Get in touch by emailing office @

To all that is,

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