Beginners guide to recording your Native American Style Flute

So you have your new Native American Style Flute and find a melody that speaks to you. You play it again and you hear a song emerge.

WOW, this flute and you are creating music together! Let’s get recording with your Native American Style Flute.

But how?

In this inspired place, we’ve had customers ask us how to go about making a recording of their flute playing. It’s something I found myself wanting to do early on too, and thankfully with the advent of the smart phone, it is super easy to record, edit and share these moments.

Here are some easy steps to follow to capture that enduring moment you’ve created.

Recording Audio

I started off with a basic Voice Memo app that can be used to record, trim, rename, and share you recordings. But now I’ve upgraded to Voice Record on my iPhone, it’s a free purchase from the AppStore.

Both apps have a lot of professional features; you can record in AAC, MPEG, and WAV formats; edit recordings; apply effects including pitch, reverb, and distortion; and export and import to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box Cloud, and iCloud Drive; as well as export to SoundCloud and FTP servers. The premium version has the same features without the advertising.

Basic advice for recording yourself playing your Native American Flute

The most critical part really, is where to play your flute and where you place your phone in relation to your flute while playing. You can read more from Jean Roy – an acoustic engineer – about this.

I always say; experiment! Try out your bathroom first and see how that sounds. That was my go-to place when I first started playing in South Korea. I have recorded myself playing in caves, tunnels and empty workshops too :-p (Editorial note: Jean Roy doesn’t recommend this)

Today I tried out the reverb feature on Voice Record. You can watch me recording a flute tune below.


Your app will allow you to trim the start and ends of your recording. That’s a great start.

If you have the ability to mix the sound a little, try a reverb setting – like you’re in a cave or a cathedral!


On my iPhone and within the Voice Recorder app, I have a Share function. With the click of a few buttons I can send this as a message, email, or upload to Facebook, WhatsApp etc very easily.

Watch the Demo

Taking it further

Here are some useful links if you want to play with this further

To all that is,
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