Reviews for Southern Cross Flutes

Read the amazing reviews for Southern Cross Flutes, positive experiences people world-wide are having with the Native American Style Flutes by Todd Chaplin.

I’m constantly receiving great feedback from new flute owners. Their love for their new flutes and passion for playing inspire me on. Here are a few snippets of emails I’ve received from customers. Contact me if you’d too like to offer reviews for Southern Cross Flutes.

A compass for guidance:  Southern Cross Flutes are crafted exquisitely skillful by Master Todd under a guiding star in alignment with the song of the heart born through the prayer flute. Listen deeply. You can listen to Kailash Kokopeli online at http://www.reverbnation.com/kailashkokopelli

Kailash Kokopelli

Thanks Todd, the flute is just stunning.  I love every aspect of it, from the beautiful crafting and the way it feels in my hands to the scent of the woods, and of course the sound it makes is captivating.


Hi Todd, Well great news, the flute has arrived, safe and sound. My heart was pounding as I opened the tube. You are more than a craftsman, I can feel the love and care in this flute. I have 26 in my collection, but none such as this, I think your term Grandfather Flute suits it so well. It plays Both Mellow and Strong, with each key perfectly tuned. It feels so good to hold, I cannot tell you how happy I am. It’s age humbles you, especially when you play it. Thanks so much for this working piece of Art.


Hi Todd, I would just like to tell you how much a like the beautiful golden Swamp Kauri flute (G) that was presented to me by my wife at the Voices of Sacred Earth festival. It was the first time I had played a Native American Flute but I quickly got used to the pentatonic scale which I really like for its simplicity, which combined with the wonderful sound of the flute, makes it the most enjoyable and easily accessible flute I ever had.
I almost always play by improvisation and with this flute its a real pleasure to play as it just seems to happens so effortlessly and harmoniously. I would say it is a great type of flute for beginners and advanced players alike.
Recently I played it at Tara Sanctuary in Coromandel where the sound was so fantastic.


“It takes an amazing individual to be able to craft such beautiful inspiring instruments to produce such wonder filled inspiring sounds. Todd is nothing but an inspiration and I feel so blessed to be in possession of one of his creations – xx”.


Hi Todd. The flute arrived safe and sound (great packaging – solid tube) late this afternoon. What a warmer for the day. Fairly cool and stormy up here today must have been a ripper down your way. Had a magical moment this evening and fairly impressed by my 3 children listening in. My son was quick to jump in and try all be it a bit small in the fingers for the prize piece. Thank you so much for such a beautiful taonga, so now to learn the art and let the spirit flow. Smiling ear to ear.


“Todd, this flute is exceptional, voice is bright, clear and powerful, it moves the time and space, the craftsmanship is exceptional, world class , amazing flute my friend, the wood is amazing and it smells super nice, almost like a pine, but not, it is obviously Kauri!
I want definitely to order that other flute in dark kauri, and you know, I really really love the stones, especially the bright green mellow one at the mouthpiece, it balances the flute and melts its energy, it feels that these stones and kauri wood belong to each other. I am so great-full to have this flute, and so ever great-full that I found you and your amazing flutes, whhooooaaa, of to play it now for few hours, talk soon! All the best”.


“Hi Todd, I’m playing my flute 15 minutes everyday, and it makes me really happy, the best thing that happened to me in New Zealand, and maybe the best thing of the end of this year. Take care and all the best”.


Todd Chaplin’s Native American Style Flutes are of the highest quality. I am making close acquaintance with new “Love Flutes” in F# (Cedar) and G (Walnut). These instruments have beautifully true tuning and voice tone. The craftsmanship is superb. The dynamics the flutes produce are stunning. Crystal-clear notes from one end to the other without any struggle. It’s a joy to play and hear these flutes sing! Todd’s both a gifted maker and a gifted player: his flutes demand superlative praise. A true investment for life, for us, for the world and the people around us.


Hi Todd, I received the flute today 🙂
What a beautiful flute, and the sound is amazingly clear and resonant. Can’t wait to play it in the forest and in my meditation journeys. Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for creating these magical instruments. And when I wish to extend my collection I will most definitely consider buying another one from you.
Much love from Norway.


Hey Todd,
The courier delivered the flute this morning and I pretty much flew down the stairs to answer the door. Oh my goodness though… the flute is even better than I expected! I am so happy that you were able to put the stichtite on after all! It looks so beautifully polished… and the addition of the turquoise! Beautiful! They really go well together. I really love the little detail framing the stichtite, so cute! The flute itself is absolutely amazing… the wood is stunning, I love how it shimmers in the light. But best of all is its voice!! So smooth and pretty, and so easy to play! It is perfect, I’m in love!Thank you so, so much Todd, I am truly blown away! I will treasure the flute forever. I really hope to be able to purchase another flute from you in the future 🙂


Oh my god Todd I love you!!! Thanks so much for your amazing craftsmanship, the new flute is blowing my mind and the mind of every one who hears it. It’s so beautiful. I took it to work today as there was no way I could leave it at home and have played it in a drum session, sat in a sunny window spot, at a reception, in a baby shower and by myself in the office, and that’s just today!!! Blessings to you my friend.