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Black Walnut Mayan Temple Flute - E/B minor

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  • Wood Types: Black Walnut
  • Length: 61cm
  • Includes: Quickstart playing guide, Protective case, Lifetime guarantee, Free world-wide Postage, Free DVD & E-Learning Media
  • Availability: Made to order (4-6 weeks)
  • Available Keys: D/A minor, E/B minor
  • Price: $985NZD
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Inquire About This Flute_edited-11The Mayan Temple Flute, also known as the Harmony Flute, is a multi-chambered, multi-keyed flute, that has its origins dating back to between 200BCE and 1200CE.  Each chamber can be played as a solo flute, alternating between the left and right, or both chambers together. This creates an immersive, harmonious, and highly resonant sound.

This style of flute originated in the Mayan and Teotihuacan cultures, where it was commonly crafted from clay and played by priests and villagers. It has been adapted into a wooden flute that combines the traditional Mayan dual chambered clay flute, with the totem and slow air chamber from the modern Native American Style Flute.

About the wood
Black Walnut, as a flute-wood, has a voice that is bright, clear, and strong, due to the hardness of the wood. The wood colour is typically a swirling combination of browns and blacks. This is highly figured wood, with knot inclusions and other wild grain patterns. Black Walnut is native to America and is grown in New Zealand. The wood we use is hand selected and milled by a friend in Matamata, who reserves a special selection for Southern Cross Flutes.

The Black Walnut Mayan Temple Flute additionally features a mouthpiece crafted from American Ash wood, which contributes to the particular aesthetic of this flute. Alternatively, we can create any form of mouthpiece, and we have shown another example with two tones of Black Walnut for the mouthpiece.

About the tuning
Each Mayan Temple Flute is tuned to the first four notes of the minor pentatonic scale. This consists of the root note, minor third, perfect fourth, fifth, and the thumb hole as a minor sixth from the root note when all holes are uncovered. The left and right chambers of the flute harmonize as they are tuned fifths apart – the right hand chamber has a low E root note, and the left has a high B root note.


About the stone
Turquoise is set into the totem as well as into the flute (within the copper Tui bird). Turquoise is a sacred stone used for centuries by Native American peoples in all healing work. This is a stone of peace, serenity and tranquility. Southern Cross Flutes uses only natural undyed turquoise.


About the finish
All flutes are finished with a completely natural and chemical free wood oil, from plant oils and tree resins, by a local New Zealand company. This blend of ingredients protects and nourishes the flute, as well as showcasing the unique grain of the wood. The final touch is a good ol’ buff with Carnauba wax, which helps to wick away moisture from the air channel while creating a durable and lustrous finish.


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