Flute Camp Aotearoa is a multi-day residential retreat that offers participants an opportunity to develop their flute playing in a safe and supportive environment. We have a focus on the Native American Style Flute, and welcome players of all levels of abilities.

Flute Camp Aotearoa 2015 was an enormously transformative, successful, beautiful, and inspiring time. Thank you to all who came and participated so fully, to Adam Page, and all those who helped out. See you in 2016!

Would you like to contribute to Flute Camp in the future? Let me know. Please  contact Todd with questions or comments.

Flute Camp Aotearoa is a fun and friendly weekend workshop for people who play (or wish to play) the Native American Style Flute. It is a chance to deepen our experience with music and particularly with flutes.

Workshop sessions throughout the camp focus on building confidence playing the flute in many settings and styles and expressing your inner voice. Topics include:

  •       The elements of music – melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, and silence;
  •       Basic flute modes, techniques, and ornaments;
  •       Basic improvisation techniques such as call-and-response, solo over drone, and repeated patterns;
  •       Song forms such as A/B/A contrast, blues, and rounds;
  •       Playing in nature;
  •       Playing with an audience – open mic.

We believe that expressing yourself through music is as natural a means of communication as speaking, and often more joyful and healthy. We also believe that all people are musical and that each person’s level of musicality depends only on their level of experience in music-making.

We also believe that participants learn the most when they are actually playing the most. Participants will be playing most of the time! You will get an opportunity to play solo and in ensembles in many settings and many types of instruments, and work with facilitators from many different corners of music.
Regardless of your current level of experience, if you want to bring your flute playing to a new level, this is the workshop to attend!

Todd Chaplin

Owner and craftsman at Southern Cross Flutes, Todd brings his enormous passion for the flute, coupled with his engaging and energetic spirit and background in education, to help enable all those who attend Flute Camp to feel inspired, at ease, and encourage growth and progression with their playing.

Todd is once again the organiser of Flute Camp Aotearoa, and all questions can be directed his way.

 Adam Page

Multi-instrumentalist and multiple Fringe award winning musician, Adam Page has become a close friend of Todd’s, as well as a performing artist with the Harmony Flute, made by Southern Cross Flutes. It is a real pleasure to have Adam at our flute camp. Adam’s out-of-this-world musicianship coupled with his beautiful humble nature and audience engaging-ability, enabled his contribution for Flute Camp 2014 to be an outstanding success.

Flute Camp Aoteaora 2016 will be held at the Waihoanga Center For Well-Being. This is a lovely forest retreat center that we have used many times before for group events – we love it, and the owners are enthusiastic about Flute Camp.

Waihoanga is located up Otaki Gorge, on the Kapiti Coast. How to get there is detailed on the Info Pack.

The address is:
32 Waihōanga Rd, Otaki, Kapiti Coast

Contact phone for Waihoanga:
(+64) 06 364 3202

For more information about Waihoanga visit:



There are four shared bedrooms within the Lodge.  These are comfy rooms with privacy as well as heating.

Tenting and camping is available so feel free to bring your outdoor sleeping gear or camper van and relax under the forest canopy and stars.