Who is Bruce McNaught?

Meet Bruce McNaught – our long-standing Flute Maker, now Owner and Director of Southern Cross Flutes. 

During his six years with Southern Cross Flutes, Bruce has taken the brand of Southern Cross Flutes to a whole new level, offering elegantly crafted unique-one-of-a-kind flutes. His job sheet is filled with weird and wonderful commissions that – at times – has him scratching his head. But not one to be confounded for long, will craft something spectacular. A small selection of these flutes can be seen in Our Portfolios >> https://www.southerncrossflutes.com/about/our-portfolio/ 

The trajectory of this unique career path had its genesis in the mid 1990’s when Bruce started working in the Miniatures Department for the now famous Weta Workshop, working on the Lord Of The Rings movies directed by Peter Jackson. 

The hours were gruelling, and to balance the rigour and detail of his job, Bruce decided to craft a Native American Style Flute in his spare time, having recently been inspired by the album Natives by R Carlos Nakai and the pianist Peter Kater. One flute, led to another…

Making flutes became my meditation, a wonderful learning process that was both challenging and rewarding. 

Having been a woodworker and musician for most of his life, flute making was a perfect blend of craftsmanship and music for Bruce. His inquisitive nature saw him embark on an Acoustics and Sound Engineering course at Victoria University of Wellington in 2005.

Bruce worked on many creative jobs around Wellington – from installations of soundscapes within the Central Business District of Wellington, to embarking on crazy projects with pioneering friends in the music industry.

One fortuitous coffee encounter at the local Raumati South Social Club, saw Bruce and Todd discuss the possibility of working together. The stars aligned six months later, and Bruce came on board as the Chief Flute Maker for Southern Cross Flutes.

Creating Native American Style Flutes, for me, is a wonderful life of being creative. I will continue to be the best I can be, knowing that I will never stop learning and improving my skills as a flute maker. This is a way for me to hone my skills and passion into a single focus.

We are very pleased to have Bruce take up the reins of Southern Cross Flutes as the new Owner and Director.



  1. Hi Bruce. It is so encouraging to know the wonderful business Todd has built up has passed into hands such as yours. I know from my own limited experience there is something “sacred” about crafting these precious flutes which, in themselves, have the power to transform and enrich lives in ways for many hitherto unrealized. May the Creator continue to bless you, Southern Cross Flutes, your endeavors and of course Todd and his family. As we know, the NA-style flute community is very supportive. If and when needed, please count on my support among theirs as you journey forward. Arohanui, Ray Watchman

  2. Bruce is indeed a LEGEND of the highest order!

  3. Without question the most caring loving human being i have ever had the pleasure to kick stones with as a youngster.
    Too witty for his own good (chuckle), and a massive heart, just the way my sister and i remember him. 🙂
    Anything Bruce pours his love into is going to be special.

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