What the COVID-19 lock-down means for us (with bonus discount announcement)

Making Native American Style Flutes in the backwaters of the planet, in lil’ ol’ New Zealand, felt like a crazy idea many years ago, but it was instinctual also; and I did it. After some years, the market capped in New Zealand (there’s only so many markets and festivals one can go to before everyone who’s going to buy a Native American Style Flute in NZ has at least two of them from me already).

So at this time, I went global, built a website and reached out to the international community of Flute players. I am now in contact with flute players from all around the globe, amazing people, and what this has brought home to me in a very real way – thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic – how we are all intricately connected; how we are all in this together.

Here’s something you may not know about New Zealanders. We think we’re immune from global shenanigans. Not much reaches us. Not really.

But like many around the globe, New Zealand went into Lock-down. The government closed its borders, schools shut down, offices closed, and citizens told to stay at home, or to use the parlance of the day, to stay in our bubble (the people we co-habitat with). It was a moral directive to remain vigilant and loyal to that bubble.

As we continue emailing and talking with our customers world-wide, we feel the solidarity of this time. Sure, we can and will all relate to this global phenomena differently, but at the heart of it, we can not deny how interconnected we as a species have become. And perhaps soon, we as a species will no longer deny en-mass how interdependent we are with our Mother Earth.

I recently came upon this stunning poem by Kristin Flyntz that speaks to this, and a Shaman protocol that challenges us to to see this virus as our ally.

My lock-down bubble

For the duration of our lock-down, my bubble consists of me, my partner Ahly and our child Hanu. We are perhaps lucky, as Southern Cross Flutes is a family-run home business, so in many respects, business *could* carry on as usual. If I apply my energies.

But there is a tension in that for me. I feel the thrust and drive to look outward, to create and become. And I feel the bodily pull of the earth calling me to slow down, simplify, and ultimately stop the circus.

Our microcosm becomes the echo of the macrocosm.

I picked up my Ancient Kauri A minor Grandfather flute and played some long slow notes. Slowly the tension didn’t feel so polarised.

I realised I can support our community, the Southern Cross Flutes tribe, by offering something that helps us all to slow down. And it’s something that we’ve already got!

What is it?

Our ‘stuck at home’ special for Southern Cross Flute customers

From Enchanted Journeys - the essential guide for the Native American Style Flute by Southern Cross Flutes

We’re offering free access to our Southern Cross Flutes Online Learning Media for all our subscribers of our newsletter.

Did you know that our Enchanted Journeys Native American Style Flute Guidebook comes with online videos and audios, tutorials and tips as well?

Plus heaps of flute tunes, using the Nakai tab, so you can easily follow along.

We’ve had huge praise for this comprehensiveness guide, making it one of the easier-to-use and play along with guide books for the Native American Flute.

“This is the only book and e-learning platform you’ll need to get started & progress with your flute – it’s exceptionally comprehensive and so easy to follow.” – Rob Harding

Add this product to your cart and then use your discount code for the free PDF. This offer is valid until the end of April 2020.

If this interests you… check your email for the discount code.

If you are not a subscriber to our newsletter,
subscribe now for your free give-away

We have another blog post on fun ways to play your Native American Flute to deepen your playing practice during lock-down.

It is my hope that this time gives us all the space to tune in to what’s really important for us. In my experience, playing my flute allows me to drop deeper into the calm and peace that sits under the static of my mind.

Like the Opera Singer in Italy who sang for her neighbourhood during lock-down, we too can share our own soul-filled tunes to our physical and virtual communities too.

Carrying on

In between child-care responsibilities (like building a climbing wall for the tree house) I am finding time to tinker away in the workshop and there will be more flutes on our website shortly. Keep an eye out.

Bruce and Roger are working from their home workshops in a limited capacity, and will continue on with the commissions and Made To Order requests from our website. The time to make a flute will be longer as some parts of the process will need to be done by hand (the old fashioned way)!

New Shipping charge for international deliveries

During the lock-down period, we are switching to the DHL International Courier Tracked service for all international postage. DHL have their own fleet of aircraft so will not be impacted by the removal of many flights paths in and out of New Zealand. During this time, we highly recommend this service and are offering a subsidised Flat Fee of USD$30 to you for greater peace of mind.

So where-ever you may be at this time, do stay connected. In the world we live in today, physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social disconnection.

We will love to hear from you and are honoured to be on this path with you in some small way.

To all that is,
in peace

Todd, Bruce, Ahly, Anton & Roger
The team at Southern Cross Flutes.
(April 2020)


  1. Hi Todd, I brought one of your flutes many years ago, and have watched your journey from afar, including listening to Maneesh de Moore play his for a private Kirtan event at a retreat we were running in Bali.
    From small beginnings you and your instruments have touched and moved many people. So well done for following that dream.

    I also want to compliment you on the quality of your email, it is very well presented.

    Loved the poem you shared, in fact I wrote a similar poem (that’s my creative outlet) that I posted online last week, must be part of this Unified Field of Consciousness.

    You may find it of interest: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.spark.7/videos/10212975225415007/

    You’ve inspired me to pull my flute out once more and let it echo over the bay.

    Warm regards from and old customer
    Governors Bay Christchurch


  2. Hiya Todd, thanks so much for your newsletter email. Good to see you back. Both the poem and article on Shamanic view are awesome. Somehow I feel that this peculiar time we are living through will bring out the best of humanity in many ways.

    Gilly 🙂

    Gillian Crundwell

  3. Thanks very much for the email it means a lot in in these difficult times, and flute music is very calming and seems to bring people together in a very good way even though we have to keep our distance. In our little town of Nelson British Columbia at 7 PM Pacific standard time we all stand out in front of our places and play music those that can hopefully to send a message of hope and compassion and to try and help each other and to let each other know that we are all here to help each other in anyway we can. I myself I am a drum maker and I am Cree so with several of my friends who are also aboriginal have a little drum circle at 7 PM keeping there distance try to do healing songs from the old teachings with a couple of elders here at one of the senior centres and hopefully it helps. So thank you. All my relations🙏🐎

    Joe Lindsay

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