What I’m listening to – ICARO by Maneesh De Moor

There are many Native American Flute songs and players that find their way to my inbox, and as and when I’m able, I shall start featuring them. Sharing the love and talent of our Southern Cross Flutes community.

I am currently listening to this beautiful album ICARO – featuring a number of Southern Cross Flutes played by Maneesh De Moor. A lot of thought and musical dexterity has gone into this album, creating a lush and immersive experience. I can feel the light spirits from the heart of the Amazon mixing and weaving through the flutes and other instruments. The whole album holds together really well, and I am enjoying the sonic journey into the heart of nature.

About the album

Traditionally an Icaro, aka sonic pattern, is a melody received by the shaman in his journey in the spirit world, and it’s these icaros that hold the grid and the space for healing and vision to happen to the participants in plant medicine ceremonies.

Usually they are sung in Shipibo culture without any instruments, in other indigenous tribes with instruments like the ‘Chakapa’, and instrument made of leaves from the Chakapa bush, a plant that has been around since the prehistory and is said to contain the memory of all evolution of the rainforest and with that all the spirits and teachings of all the plants and animals in the jungle.

For this album, these contemporary interpretations of Icaros are played on special flutes, made of Tobacco branch and ancient wood that had been stored in a swamp for over 40.000 years. All the tracks are driven by the trance-like groove of the Chakapa leaves and the heart beat of the shaman’s drum – Percussion, jaw harps and different mallet instruments like the balafon and mini-hang are used to bring in different colors and textures – all these sonic structures are embedded with original field recordings of the Amazon jungle by night.

Everything you hear is acoustic, meticulously played and recorded by Maneesh De Moor. There are no electronic or digital devices used in this production, except for some effects in post.

Released March 25, 2019.

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  1. This Album has such beautiful playing. What are the specific Southern Cross flutes used in the tracks?

    Much Love,

    Sedona, AZ

    • Hi Robert,

      Maneesh used a B minor Love Flute in some of those tracks.



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