Time to share – featuring Maureen Gibson

I keep saying how much I love receiving recordings from our fluting tribe at Southern Cross Flutes playing their flutes. But get this, not only are we appreciating the flute music, but the landscape that you all choose to play your flute in. Nature is inspiring.

I remember when Lord Of The Rings came out and suddenly New Zealand was on the world map. The movie did to New Zealand what Braveheart did for Scotland. People came by the droves to ‘be there’. Both movies had epic soundtracks to match the landscape the story takes place in.

I recently saw a Facebook post from a customer of ours; Maureen. She lives and works in Mt Cook Village in the Aoraki National Park. She lives on the large spine of the Southern Alps that hosted the epic trilogy of The Lord Of the Rings.

Hi Everyone a LOTR kind of day here in lock-down, Mt Cook village. Misty Mountain for you all on my NAF style flute by Southern Cross Flutes NZ. A lovely Puriri wood in key of A. Good spot to practice… no one in sight!

I asked her how she recorded her playing the flute:

I used my Sony Nex 7 mirrorless camera. I’m a keen armature photographer. I was surprised [how well the sound came out] as I had it on a tripod on landscape setting and was standing a few metres away.

Maureen has a few flutes from us now. I remember receiving a review from Maureen about her experience with Southern Cross Flutes the first time she contacted us as a complete beginner. It was a couple of years ago now; this lock-down period is giving me the time to post a few gems that have been sitting in my inbox for awhile. In her review, Maureen included a poem she’d composed while out playing;

I bought a Heart Rimu Love Flute and music book and CD and WOW, the item arrived in mint condition. The gorgeous flute was here, crafted beyond my imagination and the colours of the Heart Rimu, everything about it, stunning. After giving Todd my budget range, I was so impressed by his total honesty as a craftsman and person, in having a flute for me that actually was under budget. The flute’s tone as a total newbie to flute playing is just gorgeous. It is so light but is a delight to hold as feels totally balanced in my hands and the sound is so inspirational. I am a novice classical guitar player and wanted a flute to add to my interest as different sounds. I have no hesitation in recommending Todd for buying a flute from and I myself will be adding another flute in the future.

I feel the flute I bought speaks to me, is made just for me, as I gently blew air into it playing my very first note, we became one.

gentle breath
you came alive
your voice so sweet to me
calming, haunting, spiritual
gentle whispers from the sea

Thanks again.

You can watch Maureen playing her flute on Facebook here. Thanks Maureen, keep playing 🙂

Feeling inspired to share your flute / landscape with us? Get in touch.

To all that is,
in peace

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