Time to Share – featuring Kai from China on his Native American Style Flute

Kai plays his F# minor Contrabass with sideblown attachment at Buddhist Temple in Beijing China


Kai from China contacted us for a low Native American Style Flute, and after some back and forth emails, he settled on the F# Contrabass Flute.

When the flute was finished, he informed us he had a colleague flying to China from New Zealand, who – as it turned out – is a Steiner teacher I had just been in contact with the week prior (small world in New Zealand!!). So our Steiner Teacher friend personally delivered the flute from New Zealand to Kai in China with a great big smile.

A few weeks later, Kai gratified us with some photos of him playing his new flute, and a beautiful tune from the steps of a Buddhist temple.

Kai wrote saying;

Today I play your flute with my friend Mr Liu in a Buddiest Temple. I really really like this Contrabass Flute sound. Very warm and easy to play. I can use this flute with guitar and lyre and cello no problem. The listeners also like the sound. I will do more healing concert for my people. The wood flute is related to our liver in Chinese medicine.Very good for our emotions, especially in the spring time.



You can watch Kai play his F# Contrabass Native American Style Flute from Southern Cross Flutes below. You’ll need to turn your speakers up as the recording volume in quite low.


Thank you Kai

To all that is,
in peace

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