Time to share – featuring Jorge Armenteros on his Native American Style Flute

Jorge Armenteros

Jorge’s first recordings

Jorge first contacted us back in the middle of 2018 for two flutes, an F# minor Contrabass and a B minor Grandfather flute, and since then, there have been more Southern Cross Flutes added to his quiver of Flutes.

Jorge mastered the basics and found the each flute already had tunes waiting to be discovered as he played.

It’s a beautiful flute and has a very sweet sound. I get the sensation that I will play a different kind of music with this one. I don’t know yet. We’ll see where the unconscious takes me.

After some experimentation, Jorge found a simple way to record his melodies, and clean them up by using a slight compression and EQ, and a touch of reverb.

Then a simple upload on to Soundcloud.

Jorge sent us a recording of his first melody on his new F# minor Contrabass Flute.

I think this illustrates beautifully how The Flute Player can transmit his place of calm and stillness out into the world through a simple melody.

Nice work Jorge.

We look forward to hearing more of your recordings with your Native American Style Flute soon.

You can find out more about Jorge here

To all that is,
in peace

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