Time to share – featuring Daniel Jost on his Native American Style Flute

I loved my correspondence with Daniel. Plainly he wanted a very special flute, but lacked the money to go for it.

Even so, we put together his dream requirements for an F# Contrabass out of Ancient Kauri and rich Black Walnut. This flute was to have the Bear Star constellation, and a bear paw print.

The flute vision was there. The funds weren’t.

Until Daniel excitedly emailed us and informed us his Star Wars set sold for more than he was expecting, and now we could proceed with his dream flute.

Here it is.

A couple of months later, Daniel got in touch with us again.

It looks Magic! I thought you would like to hear it singing from the other side of our planet! I really love it! Thank you again!

Daniel used a Zoom iQ6 microphone that works directly with his iPad. The final sound is mixed on « Garage Band ».

For playing live, Daniel uses a bigger mike switched on a Roland Cube amp. All simple to use and affordable material.

Have a listen…

Daniel Jost Video of Contrabass F# minor Flute

Thank you Daniel for sharing your beauty and healing with the Southern Cross Flutes tribe.

Bio: Daniel Jost, 51, lives in Switzerland with his wife. He mostly plays the Grandfather range of Native American Style flutes as he loves the meditative and quiet sound quality. He plays to relax and to help other people feel better.

Some months ago his wife had a dramatic accident in the mountains, paralysing her and keeping her bed-ridden.

I love to play my Ancient Kauri Contrabass to help her fall asleep and forget all the pain she has to endure.

To all that is,
in peace


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