Todd Chaplin apprenticed with me in Feb 2010, within 8 weeks he was making flutes of a quality that took me 1 -2 years to reach as I was mostly self-taught, needless to say I was impressed. I have taught many people and have never seen anyone pick up the craft as quickly as he did, so I often joked with him that he must have been a flute maker in a previous life. Todd is probably one of the best new flute makers in the world today such is his natural skill, focus and understanding of the instrument and also how to play it. As my student he was always enthusiastically paying attention, and at times even a step ahead of me, so he was sincerely a joy to teach. I noticed too he quickly adapted his many qualities as a person to flute making and his work today clearly demonstrates a passionate and inventive creativity to artistic design also. I highly recommend Todd’s quality work because I know first-hand how much care, passion, love and spirit that flow through him as he brings a new flute to life, to me this represents what the flute means to him and his personal spiritual journey. I often pray my next apprentices will be as made for flute making like Todd is!

Matt Shooting Star – Spirit Song Flutes