Learning Native American Flute

Playing & learning the Native American Flute is a journey, so Southern Cross Flutes has prepared a handy guide for the steps and challenges along the way. I sincerely believe learning the Native American Flute is possible for everyone!

Which one are you…? 

  • I’ve never played a flute before but I’m keen to learn and own one, so I need to know how to choose a flute….

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How to Choose a Flute
Rent a Flute

  • When I get a flute, how will I know how to play it and care for it?

All new flutes  come with my Enchanted Beginnings quick-guide offering a useful ‘how to play’ guide and and caring for your flute (this is also downloadable for free).

Alternatively, you can purchase the complete instructional flute book and DVD. The book and DVD are fully comprehensive and will instruct you on playing both single chamber and harmony flutes, with music scores and exercises to practice.

  • I’ve got a flute, and now I’m really keen to get another, but not sure which key to get…

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Listening Post
How to Choose a Flute

  • I’ve been playing the flute for a while, and I’ve followed your instructional manual and DVD….now I need some more guidance…

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Private Flute Lessons

  • I don’t have the money yet to buy a flute, I kinda just want to try it out for a few months before committing…

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Rent a Flute

If none of the above apply, and you’ve got a question for me, please get in touch. I’m happy to help you with learning the Native American Flute, whether beginning or advancing.