Sound, the very essence of all that is created

By Robert van der Touw

Light: the primordial frequency

First we have light, the most refined frequency, then we have sound! When light becomes denser, in the process of the unfolding of creation, it becomes audible and we are now able to hear the symphony of creation in it’s ‘pre-dawn stage.

Nothing has physically manifested yet, but here we have the subtle platform of sounds.

Everything consists of light, in various degrees of density. And everything has an underlying sound. The ancient samkriita language was formed thousands of years ago by yogi’s that were able to distinguish different sounds in the energetic body. They discovered 50 sounds which were depicted as the petals of lotus flowers of the energy centers commonly known as chakras.

Very interesting to notice here that they identified 16 different sounds in the centre of the throat, our sound centre. Accordingly you will find that the Vishuddha or throat chakra always is depicted as a lotus flower with 16 petals. These 16 sounds became the foundation of Indian Classical music. They include the 7 common sounds of the western music scale.

I find it fascinating that we have a miniature version of the symphony of creation in our throat! In combining these different sounds we have an endless arsenal at our disposal to call on, evoke, heal, and transmute. In this we are like God or Goddess Creator, and there is no limit to the harmonies and disharmonies we can create. 

Sound: the subtle frequency

Being such subtle frequency, sound has the ability to penetrate deeply into any matter, into anything physical and also in any type of energy, that has greater density than sound itself. So powerful we can become when we learn to combine our intent with our ability to produce sound.

The birthhome of sound is the etheric. The home of the roots of all sounds. When creation unfolds further we come into the sphere of the aireal plexus or anahata, or more commonly known as the heart chakra. No coincidence that we find in this energy centre the connection to the lungs.

We have now a powerful carrier for our sound box, the lungs, the voice, the ability to regulate the flow of air in such a way as to produce sound. Here we have the human voice but we also now have all the wind instruments which we can use to channel sound. Not strange that since the dawn of time people have been using the sound of the voice to experiment, mimic, evoke, call on, etc. And it would not have been much later till the discovery would have been made to extend our power to create sound with a tool, that would help us to regulate sound with even less effort in a far greater range. The birth of the flute!

All indigenous cultures have flutes as a way to express their sentiments from the most primal to the most divine. First to mimic the natural world, then as humanity evolved, also the skill developed in the application of voice and instruments to effect the natural world. To create certain moods to evoke our deepest feelings and sentiments.

Perhaps the greatest instrument to fire our intent is the drum, which also found its way in some form or other in every culture. Both drum and flute make a wonderful combination of earth and sky, of the earth beat and sky symphony. The greatest healers in our ancient past generally always made use of one or both of these instruments, combining these with the voice.

The birth of sound healing

When we contemplate the origin of sound it becomes more clear how powerful a medium sounds can become. Everything created is originally conceived in light and sound. We can connect deeply to anything in creation using the vehicle of sound. Our body is in reality frozen light. All our illnesses are an expression of a certain disharmony that also have a certain sound.

When we develop our intuition, we can become more sensitive and aware of the effect of sound and we will be able, with our loving intent, to facilitate powerful healing. We can become skilled to tune into the dissonance in our energy body of sounds.

There is a powerful law in healing, which I have used on a daily basis having my foundation in classical homeopathy.

This law is like cures like.

When we produce a similar frequency to a disharmonious sound we can effect it in a positive manner. When we have the connection caused by using the law of similars (either consciously or subconsciously) we then can re-attune the disharmonious sounds with our loving intent to be of service.

I would like to illustrate this process by using the example of a Native American Medicine man.

This man would take his drum and his voice to different plants, flowers and trees. He would beat the drum and chant with the intent to discover the unique harmonious sounds of each nature being. He discovered that each nature being had a unique song! He gathered many songs in his heart. Whenever he performed healing on someone, he called for one of the songs in his heart to come forward! The song that had similar frequency to the disease or discomfort would produce a spontaneous healing effect. He used his connection to the plant world and his intuitive ability to synchronise sound and was able to produce powerful healing.

I found out the words he used to accompany one of his song and in the lyrics he described the very essence of that plant! And I can confirm that as I have studied many of these plants deeply in my training as a classical homeopath. What I had intensely studied from the books, he naturally had received from the ‘horses mouth’ so to speak.

This to me, gave me insight into using voice, sound, and instrument as a powerful medium when guided with the intent to facilitate healing. This realisation made me venture out of classical homeopathy to new (to me) exciting methods.

Healing with Native American Style Flutes

With Native American Style Flutes, we not only have a beautiful crafted instrument to direct our intent, but we have the added bonus of the quality of a nature being, a certain type of wood with a certain quality, to add to our toolbox of sound.

The magical healing world of New Zealand’s native woods

I have researched native plants and trees for almost 30 years, as I was in a prime position to do so teaching at many homeopathic and naturopathic colleges in the early nineties. I know how powerfully the qualities of the wood can add to the effectiveness of an instrument.

I have come to know the nurturing and mystical qualities of the Puriri, the Ancient Kauri, that speaks to the soul, as all ancient trees do, the generosity of the heart that is awakened by the Rewarewa, the mystical quality of the feminine seeress in the Black Maire! The call to lead confidently from the heart that is ushered by the Totara. The directness and clarity of Tawhai, the beeches, and so on. I see Bruce uses many of these beautiful native timbers and I have great admiration for instrument makers of wood that have become masters at their craft. 

As my passion has been to discover the magical healing world of our native flora and fauna, I intend to use my flutes to gather the songs and sounds of the different native plants and trees.

Although my background, as mentioned is in traditional healing, my love is to work with them from the heart and hear them speak. No longer from the books but directly from the source.

If you are interested in my work, I have composed many songs and music to honour nature and perhaps modestly catch a glimpse of their beautiful harmonies. The music compositions honour the native birds, the trees, our natural world: our teacher, our Sacred Mirror of the Divine. 

RobertVanDerTouwRobert van der Touw

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