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Red Beech Temple Drone - D minor

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  • Key: D minor pentatonic
  • Wood Types: Red Beech
  • Length: 66cm
  • Availability: 156
  • Includes: Protective case, Lifetime guarantee, Free world-wide Postage, Free DVD & E-Learning Media
  • Price: $1,150NZD
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The Temple Drone Flute combines the beautiful playing qualities of a Drone Flute, with the added flexibility for melodic harmonies from the Mayan Temple Flute.

Available in a range of keys and woods, the photos above & video show the stunning Red Beech, from the mountainous

South Island of New Zealand. Contact me for more information regarding the various keys and sounds.

Drone Flutes are dual chambered flutes, playing a drone through the left chamber, and melodic playing on the right. This style of flute originates from the Mayan and Teotihuacan cultures, where it was commonly crafted from clay and played by villagers and priests. It has been adapted into a wooden flute that combines the traditional Mayan dual chambered clay flute, with the totem and slow air chamber from the modern Native American Style Flute.

About the tuning
The tuning of this flute makes it a highly versatile instrument. While it is precisely tune to the extended minor pentatonic scale, the playable range extends to one and a quarter octave, with a selection of  up to 10 notes. The left hand chamber, known as the drone, plays the fundamental, or root note, which is determined by the flute’s ‘key’. On the drone side we use three wooden plugs allowing you to choose what drone note you’d like to play. You can take them out individually, or remove them all and play melodically on both sides!!

Numerous scales are playable on this flute, including the minor pentatonic scale, jazz scale, major scale, and gypsy scale.

About the wood
Southern beech is a highly decorative hardwood with a natural sheen and lustre. This Southern Beech has a very resonance voice and a lovely medium weight.

About the stone
In the Temple Drone Flute range, we can use a stone of your choice. Our collection of stunning natural New Zealand greenstone (pounamu – as featured in the photos above), as well as turquoise, lapis lazuli, and tiger’s eye…to name a few…are all wonderful options to complement the power of this flute.

About the finish
All flutes are finished with a completely natural and chemical free wood oil, from plant oils and tree resins, by a local New Zealand company. This blend of ingredients protects and nourishes the flute, as well as showcasing the unique grain of the wood. The final touch is a good ol’ buff with Carnauba wax, which helps to wick away moisture from the air channel while creating a durable and lustrous finish.

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