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Enchanted Journeys: Book with Free DVD: Learn to play

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Learn how to play the Native American Flute

Learning to play the Native American Style Flute?Did you buy a flute and found it came with inadequate instruction? Looking for a product that provides professionally crafted instruction in book, DVD, and online formats so you can access your instructional support anywhere you go?


Learn to play with Enchanted Journeys – The Essential Guide for the Native American Style Flute: the world’s most recent publication for the Native American Style Flute. This comprehensive product brings together all the tools the beginning or the advancing player requires in one package, with multiple additional e-features to optimize learning on your tablet, e-reader or laptop as well.

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Includes full access to the Enchanted Journeys online interactive e-Learning Media Support Centre – featuring video and audio tutorials, the model performance music library and more!

For the most up-to-date, comprehensive, easy-to-follow, full-access multi-media supported Native American Style Flute instructional book, look no further than Enchanted Journeys – The Essential Guide for the Native American Style Flute.

Enchanted Journeys provides detailed, easy-to-follow instruction on topics including:
  • Native American Style Flute History
  • The Basics of Playing
  • Rhythm for Flute
  • Scales  &  Songs
  • Techniques  & Embellishments
  • How to Play with Others &  Improvisation
  • Drone Flute as well a Mayan Temple Flute playing
  • Personally request videos and Todd will get them to you within a week, all via the Enchanted Journeys Facebook Forum.

Purchase of Enchanted Journeys also activates your lifetime license to personally contact flute master craftsman and teacher Todd Chaplin of Southern Cross Flutes to request instructional video tutorials individually recorded to answer your questions and advance your learning on any aspect of Native American Style Flute playing! all via the Enchanted Journeys Facebook Forum .


What they are saying
“This is the only book and e-learning platform you’ll need to get started & progress with your flute – it’s exceptionally comprehensive and so easy to follow.” – Rob Harding


Author: Todd Chaplin
Publisher:  Saraswati Publishing NZ
DVD Format: PAL.
Year: First Edition, published 2014
Access to: Online Learning Media with Free DVD
Postage: Free world-wide
Softcover: 116 pages, full colour.
Dimensions: 21.5 x 10.5 x 1.1 (height x width x thickness in cm)
Topic: How to play the Native American Flute.


Todd Chaplin is the owner/craftsman of Southern Cross Flutes. He trained as a flute maker’s apprentice in Australia and in the USA. Now residing and crafting instruments on the Kapiti Coast of Aotearoa/New Zealand, where he supports the local NASF community with his instruments and gatherings.