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Heart Rimu Forest Flute - D minor

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  • Includes: Quickstart playing guide, Protective case, Lifetime guarantee, Free world-wide Postage
  • Key: D minor pentatonic
  • Wood Types: Heart Rimu
  • Availability: Made to order (4-6 weeks)
  • Price: $380NZD
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Forest Flutes are sprightly and play songs of the forests. They are great company on a forest hike, and – as the smallest of the flutes – fits snugly into your backpack.
The D minor pentatonic Forest Flute has six easy-to-cover finger holes, and sings a bright and clear song that’s slightly deeper than the G minor Forest Flute. Like the G minor Forest Flute, it is more versatile than the A minor Forest Flute as it offers a wider range of playing notes due to an additional finger hole.

This flute is also very popular with kids due to the ease of playing, durable wood, and non-toxic oil. Adults love the versatility and creative song that it evokes.


About the wood
Rimu, as a flute wood, is hard and dense, providing a bright tone and clear sound. It has patterns of yellow, brown and green through it, making it one of the most decorative woods in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Rimu grows throughout the country; the largest concentration of trees is now found on the West Coast of the South Island. All Heart Rimu wood used in these flutes is recycled/upcycled.


About the tuning
The tuning of this flute makes it a highly versatile instrument. While it is precisely tune to the minor pentatonic scale, the playable range extends to one and a quarter octave, with a selection of  up to 10 notes.  Numerous scales are playable on this flute, including the minor pentatonic scale, and jazz scale.


About the finish
All flutes are finished with a completely natural and chemical free wood oil, from plant oils and tree resins, by a local New Zealand company. This blend of ingredients protects and nourishes the flute, as well as showcasing the unique grain of the wood. The final touch is a good ol’ buff with Carnauba wax, which helps to wick away moisture from the air channel while creating a durable and lustrous finish.


Playing with others
This flute harmonizes best with the following:

  • Love Flute A minor flute
  • Love Flute G minor flute
  • Grandfather A minor flute
  • Forest Flutes sound amazing accompanied with a Shamanic Hand Drum 

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