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Black Maire Love Flute - A minor

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  • Key: A minor pentatonic
  • Wood Types: Black Maire
  • Includes: 146, Free world-wide Postage, Lifetime guarantee, Protective case, Quickstart playing guide
  • Availability: 157
  • Price: $600NZD
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Inquire About This Flute_edited-11Love Flutes are melodious and versatile. This striking flute features New Zealand’s densest hardwood, Black Maire, and produces a bold and sweet clear voice with a wonderful waxy aroma. This flute has an incredible voice that is crystal clear and resonant.

About the wood

Black Maire, being a very hard wood, creates a song that is bright and clear, responsive and crisp. The durability of this hardwood also provides exceptional protection against scratches and dents.  The heavier weight of the wood gives the flute great balance in the hand of the player. One special quality of Black Maire is its natural aroma, akin to beeswax, making the flute smell great under the nose. The wood is typically creamy in colour with a dark wavy grain pattern. The largest stands of Black Maire trees are now found around Taupo and the King Country.

About the stone
Tigers Eye stone has been used to complement the beautifully figured and wavy grain of the Ancient Kauri wood. This stone was traditionally carried as an amulet to provide self-confidence, courage and strength.

About the finish

All flutes are finished with a completely natural and chemical free wood oil, from plant oils and tree resins, produced by a local New Zealand company. This blend of ingredients protects and nourishes the flute, as well as showcasing the unique grain of the wood. The final touch is a good ol’ buff with Carnauba wax, which helps to wick away moisture from the air channel while creating a durable and lustrous finish. We’ve found this method the safest, to protect your Native American Flute, healthy for you and the environment.

About the tuning

The tuning of this flute makes it a highly versatile instrument. While it is precisely tune to the extended minor pentatonic scale, the playable range extends to one and a quarter octave, with a selection of  up to 10 notes.  Numerous scales are playable on this flute, including the minor pentatonic scale, jazz scale, major scale, and gypsy scale. This tuning is very common on the Native American Flute.

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Inquire About This Flute_edited-11