Native American Style Love Flutes

Love Flutes

Our Native American Style Love Flutes hark back to days of old, when time was plenty and sitting by a river bank was common place.
The Love Flute gets its name from a tradition of courting, whereby one person would play the flute for their lover. While this I feel is a universal practice, it is one more commonly associated with various indigenous American tribes. Many early flutes were crafted from Western Red Cedar, as you can see in our Made to Order range of Cedar Flutes here.

Western Red Cedar is the quintessential Native American flute wood. Very light to hold, this flute-wood produces a classic warm, rich and resonant tone. Being a softwood, it is very absorbent which helps in reducing moisture buildup within the flute while playing. It is typically a light brown colour with a sweet woody aroma under the nose. Traditionally known as the “long life maker” or “tree of life”, Western Red Cedar is native to the American Pacific North West, and to this day has extensive applications among First Nation peoples.

Personally I have found the love flute to draw out deep feelings of connectivity towards others. This I often felt while sitting on a hill side playing, or in a forest glade.

You can view our fine selection of Native American Style Flutes,

Here’s a short clip of Todd on a Cedar Love Flute playing improvisationally.

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