Native American Fluting out of Africa

Melanie shows her Native American Flute to woman in Africa

Melanie from Austria wrote to tell us that last summer she and her new Southern Cross Flutes flute travelled through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, on a special journey to celebrate her 30th birthday. 

The flute intrigued many of the locals, they all were deeply touched and fascinated by this wonderful flute and her beautiful sound. It was a magical way of meeting and connecting.  Even the zebras, elephants and lions were deeply relaxed while listening to the sounds. The full moon seemed even bigger and stronger as I played my flute around our campfire.

When we were visiting the Damara-people – the traditional Himbas and San (bushmen) – we learned a lot about their culture, rites, medicine and nature knowledge and their hunting ways. It was very exciting and I was deeply touched by their rituals, social and communicative songs and dances. 

They sang and danced, and we joined in. I would play some songs on my flute for them – intuitive or learned and known music. The Himba people were so fascinated that the men studied my flute for ages and told me they would like to build and own one so that they could make music like I did with them.

One time in a national park, we were by a waterhole and watched some very big and old male elephants drinking water. I am learning “animal-communication” and sent these beautiful animals compliments, greetings and respect while playing my flute. While doing that, the biggest and oldest one turned and looked with great interest at me. He began moving left and right like he was dancing and then started walking up to us. I was so fascinated and interested in the communication with him that I forgot to feel afraid. However the others I was with – including my father and my boyfriend became very nervous and jumped in the cars to drive away. So I had to go with them.

We made so many more new contacts and friendships through the music. I loved how beautiful it was to see and feel the reaction and happiness and connection between very different cultures and people/animals, simply because I was willing to play my flute for them.

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  1. Music is the language of the heart!

    Love Werner from België (Belgium)

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