Lock down with your Native American Style Flute

Like most of the world, we are now in “Lockdown”. While that doesn’t change the nature of our business too much since we are a family-run business that works from home, there is a downturn in business globally. The office and the workshop are quieter than usual.

So, it’s a time to focus on playing our flutes again!

And sharing our tunes.

Want to improve?

We’ve had a few customers ask for instruction or tutorials, so we’re putting a few resources together for your ‘stuck at home enjoyment’. Check out…

How to play your Native American Style Flute – Our online and print resources for improving your flute playing, offered by Southern Cross Flutes.

Let’s play your Native American Style Flute – Try out a few fun exercises that, like the origins of flute playing, these Native American Style Flutes exercises depict the natural surroundings, explore ritual and ceremonies, sound healing, enchantment and playfulness.

Check out our PDF of the Enchanted Journeys – The Essential Guide for the Native American Style Flute (USD$20). – This comprehensive product brings together all the tools the beginning or the advancing player requires in one package, with videos and audio tips, tricks and tutorials.

We also have Enchanted Journey’s as a spiral bound book (USD$35)

Many of you will know, or know of Clint and Vera Gost. They have the very fine flutopia website. In their latest newsletter they offer many free up-skilling tutorials online on Flute Cast.

Listen to our Community Music Posts

When we can, we post recordings from customers on our Blog. You can listen to the beautiful tunes of Native American Style Flute playing here from our tribe of Southern Cross Fluters.


Record and Share

We’d be super happy to post your recording and share to our wider community. Get in touch here.

Read our blog posts on…

» Beginners guide to recording your Native American Style Flute. or

» How to make a professional sound recording on your Native American Style Flute with Jean Roy, acoustic engineer.

To all that is,
in peace

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