Let’s talk about Woods

Making a splash about wood

Many of our customers like to select a unique wood for their flute, so we have put together a new ‘Woods page’ on our website that we hope will be both useful and alluring.

For this page, each wood we use regularly is featured, with a short bio on the traits and characteristics of the wood.

ยป Check out our woods guide for custom making your own Native American Style Flute.

Woods; in depth

We took this concept deeper with our most common woods we use blog series which describes in detail the wood, how this wood performs as a ‘flute wood’, how stable it is, what looks good with it, and the sustainability of the wood.

We then went through our testimonials and found reviews for each specific wood and how customers experience a flute in this wood.

And to complete the full story of the wood, we offer a gallery of some selected flutes we’ve made in the chosen wood.

These featured blog posts are super helpful if you’re thinking of commissioning a bespoke handcrafted Native American Flute from us, or are having difficulty choosing which Made To Order Flute to go with.

It was a huge job to put together, so we’ve limited these blog posts to our top four most popular woods. These are:

If you have any further wood questions, sing out and drop us a line.

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