Honouring a soulmate

Meet Paul. He approached Southern Cross Flutes with a very specific flute design, one could tell a great deal of thought had gone into the symbolism and overall effect. As the conversations passed back and forwards, Paul confided that he was having this flute made in honour of his wife who had recently passed away. “I will play this flute in her memory” he wrote.

Each email that passed shared a little more of his connection with his late wife. “I never knew what the term soulmate really meant until I met mine later in life. I did not believe that I could be more happy. ” However six short years into their marriage, she fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away in the home they had just bought together six months earlier. Paul was at her side when she died. He had her cremated – like she wanted – and did everything in his power to keep her ashes in a spot befitting her status in his life.

The grief came and stayed, larger and more encompassing than anything Paul had ever before experienced. He decided he wanted to create a fitting tribute to her, something that would not just sit on the antique cedar chest that contained her ashes, but something that he could personally use to pay homage to her.

Paul told us both he and his wife loved Native American Flutes music, and so the idea of a custom made flute took shape.

Paul spent a great deal of time putting together a design of a flute that would honour his wife that would speak to who she was in life.

“My wife was a free spirit Pagan” Paul told us. “She loved bathing in the summer sunshine, clear, full moon nights, and the ocean. Beltaine and Samhain were her favorite holidays, and every year she would attend the May pole dance on the beach. The home she decorated was replete with the Sun, Moon, stars motif, and cobalt glassware as far as the eye could see. She was a woman full of hope in all things and her smile was intoxicating”.

Paul asked Southern Cross Flutes to create a totem design that represented the Sun and Moon. He asked for The Tree of Life emblem to be added underneath the nest as it was the last tattoo she had put on before falling ill (Paul had gifted her that tattoo and she gifted Paul a wonderful Green man tattoo). The Tree of Life was made by a copper smith (Jean Burgers Jewellery) and then added to the flute.

Further down the flute are two stones that, again represent the Sun/Moon motif, a Moonstone and a Sunstone. “These were some of her favourite stones” wrote Paul, “earlier I had crafted a Selenite wand for her Altar, as a birthday present. These two stones were among 5 others running down the length of the wand representing the 7 Chakras”.

With the symbols thought through, Paul then went to the Southern Cross Flutes website and listened to the soundbite examples to help him choose what flute key he wanted. “The Grandfather flute in the key of A minor was an easy pick” Paul told us “the low A minor stood out from all others. It’s haunting, yet beautiful. It was perfect.“

The wood selection was Heart Rimu, at the recommendation of Todd. “I think this was a very good choice. Todd’s input was very valuable and much appreciated throughout the creation process.”

“This Grandfather flute is just amazing. I could not ask for a better tribute to my soulmate. I will be playing this when I sit to spend time with her, and also at our favourite spots, the ocean and warm summer nights lit by a beautiful full moon. I know, if she were still alive, she would weep happy tears as I play it. That’s the kind of person she was in life, always happy, always hopeful.

I could not be happier to have worked with Todd and the people of Southern Cross Flutes. I really want to thank everybody who made this flute, I really can’t properly express it in words. This flute will be cherished.”


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