Hijaz and Dideridoo – An Entrancing Duet

Todd and I sat down one evening for a ceremony of chanting, prayers, and music making. We had our usual setup, sound bowls, shakers, rattles, drums, and flutes. The new addition was a large didgeridoo in the key of B. Todd had spent some months learning to play the flute and was connecting to his low B Hijaz flute, and I had recently learned to play the didgeridoo and had acquired a larger and more challenging one to play.

Late into the night, in the darkness of the night, I sensed the time to start the didgeridoo. Soon enough, the deep earthy rumble of the didgeridoo filled the room while I accompanied myself with shaker in the other hand. From across the room, a whispery flute sound floated over.  And as Todd played his flute, the Hijaz mode and didgeridoo weaved an entrancing journey, with highs and lows, softness and raw power, as if the two instruments were made to have been played together. When our song stopped, we chuckled a little, perhaps in surprise of how well we felt that had gone, but also a chuckle that came from a place of ‘wow, of course’.

Here’s a recent recording of Todd & Todd playing Low B Hijaz and Didgeridoo.

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Todd Chaplin
Founder | Southern Cross Flutes

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