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Bronkar Lee Sound Healing with Native American Flute

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One thing that I LOOOOOVE about my job is that I get to correspond with so many wonderful soul rich people. Even though I live in New Zealand and the vast majority of my customers are from USA or Europe, it’s amazing how often we transcend our geographic space with emails rich in descriptions and visions of flutes and flute playing. I love it when my customers start sending me their recordings, be it spontaneous or curated.

I have decided to start show casing some of this lush talent that passes through the doors of Southern Cross Flutes, and offer a little snap shot into the amazing work (and play) that people are doing with their Native American Style Flutes.

So first off, meet Bronkar Lee.

Bronkar Lee sent us a spontaneous video of him beat-boxing into his brand new Mayan Temple Flute. You gotta see it to believe it. It’s new frontier flute playing, cross genre creativity and multi-instrumentalist combustion.

Bronkar is obviously no newbie to flute playing or beat boxing (take a look at him beatboxing with his son in a video that went viral and received over 150 Million views). He plays 42 instruments and counting (including drums, saxophone, guitar, and Native American flute) which he’s incorporated into live performances, presentations, and live events for over 20 years.

It’s hard to give Bronkar a short bio as his background is extensive, including touring Europe as ringmaster with a world-renowned circus, appearing with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, creating sound-centered keynote presentations and in the performance duo, Collision of Rhythm, founded the Set Your Tone Summit in Atlanta, Georgia (a full-day experience of live music and Ted-talk style presentations from various thought leaders)​, and has produced multiple theater shows. Phew wee.

Pulling from these vastly different experiences, Bronkar provides a fresh perspective on the world of sound as its used for healing, relaxing, invigorating, and uplifting. I can tell ya’, he’s passionate about sharing the power of music with others.

It’s a real pleasure to introduce Bronkar Lee to you, if you have not already come across him, do check him out here www.Bronkar.com



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