Osprey Head Flute innovations

Stunning Eagles Head Native American Flute

Recently we asked Bruce – our Master Flute Maker at Southern Cross Flutes – to flex his creative muscles and come up with a flute with a difference. He was pretty keen to try a new take on the classic Osprey Head Flute.

Using Western Rd Cedar for the main body of the flute, and Black Walnut for the ‘glove’ for the Osprey Head, mouthpiece and totem, Bruce crafted a sublime D minor Grandfather flute. The Black Walnut is a great wood for carving, with that essential mix of durable and pliable, as well as boasting gorgeous grains and sheen.

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  1. […] Thankfully Bruce – our humble Flute Maker Master – has shown how he can take the brand of Southern Cross Flutes to a whole new level, offering the most elegantly crafted flutes I’ve come across anywhere. His work has been filled with weird and wonderful commissions that gets him scratching his head – but not one to be confounded for long, will craft something spectacular. Recently we gave him a break from commissions to stretch his creative muscles and craft a flute any way of his choosing. Check out the Osprey Head Flute Bruce came up with. […]

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