Contrabass – The Great Grandfather Flute – F# minor

The team at Southern Cross Flutes are in LOVE with the new Contrabass flutes that we are crafting. He’s an example on an F# Contrabass. For those who are familiar with our current Grandfather Flute range, these Contrabass flutes are a lot deeper!

Grandfather ContraBass Flutes are sonorous and deep, bass flutes to slow you down and soften the soul. Physically the largest flutes in the Southern Cross Flutes range, the Grandfather Flutes are designed to sit closer to the body, enabling easy reach to the finger holes. Additionally, the finger holes on Grandfather Flutes are offset to create an ergonomic fit for the fingers.

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The F# Contrabass flute is the lowest and largest flute we craft, and we are proud at how easy these Native American Style Contrabass flutes are to play.

About the wood

As a flute wood, Ancient Kauri has a voice that is rich and sweet, giving it great acoustical properties for the lower as well as the higher pitched notes. It’s a fantastic Native American Flute wood, ancient and beautiful. Typically Ancient Kauri is darker brown in colour with a depth of grain that holds shimmering highlights within. This wood has been recovered from swamps in the far north of New Zealand/Aotearoa, where it’s been naturally preserved for over 45,000 years! All Ancient Kauri wood used is certified and carbon dated, and your flute will include this certificate of authenticity.

This flute also features Ash wood, for the mouthpiece, nest, and totem.

Have a watch…


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