New Zealand Native American Flute Community

Our New Zealand Native American Flute community is thriving, with regular flute gatherings, retreats & workshops, dinner parties & performances. Join in!!

We exist as small groups meeting in our local towns, as friends getting together and sharing our songs, as seasonal Flute Circles in Wellington, and as Flute Camp Aotearoa – the annual residential flute camp.

The best place to stay in the loop is through our Seasonal Newsletter, called Enchanted. You can sign up here…

  • The Listening Post is dedicated to providing you with beautiful examples of flutes on my website, demonstrating the flute keys that are available. This will help you to connect with the sound of the flute you might interested in.

  • Where can you get your flute on? Have a look to see where Todd and the Southern Cross Flutes team will be….at a market….at a festival….playing on stage….or teaching workshops….

  • Southern Cross Flutes is proud to be hosting this enormously successful residential flute camp, created especially for playing the Native American Style Flute.

  • All the latest flute stuff coming out of the Southern Cross Flutes HQ!