Southern Cross Flutes, crafted from nature in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Enchant yourself and those around with you with the sonorous sounds of a hand-crafted wooden flute by Southern Cross Flutes. The Native American Style Flutes that I craft are played by many people, for many purposes.

Some play for heartfelt expressions or musical outburst; some for the deep resonating tones that soften the mind and bring peace, and some play for the healing and well-being of others. Southern Cross Flutes can tailor a flute fit for your purpose and fluting desires.

Whatever the reason, these flutes move the heart and mind. They are a soulful instrument, the tones connect deep within and take you on a mystical journey.

The name Southern Cross Flutes came about after many a night stargazing, and wondering why the first thing I saw when I looked up into the sky was the Southern Cross. I almost felt instinctively drawn to its location in the night sky, and this star-ward gazing would bring about a similar peace and solitude as does playing the flute.

For me, the constellation and the flute represent similar guiding entities in life. I have chosen this name for the spirit behind the flutes that I craft, as they serve and guide people on their life journey.

With inspiring teachers and flute players in my life, it was inevitable that I would want to start up my own Native American flute craft workshop and community in New Zealand.

Native American Flute making on The Kapiti Coast

Having completed my Native American Flute making apprenticeship I returned home. It was now time and place to craft these instruments on my own – Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, in 2012 – under the stars of the Southern Cross

At the beginning of 2012, I officially opened my first Native American flute making workshop on Ohiro Road, in the centrally located suburb of Brooklyn, just 5 minutes from Wellington’s city centre. The craft of the Native American Style Flute now had a home base.

I soon outgrew that space, and into the purchasing of our beautiful home in Raumati South, on the Kapiti Coast. Now with the sounds of the sea soaring through my workshop, I am loving crafting a new generation of flutes embracing the evolution of my craft in my new custom workshop as always, under the sign of the Southern Cross

These days you can find me at work and play in my workshop, or out and about with the flutes, at markets, festivals and flute-circles around the country. I also run Native American Flute Making workshops, teaching others to craft their flutes. Hope to see you there one day!


Late in 2015 I caught up with Bruce at the local Raumati Social Cafe. I needed a coffee and pulled up a chair next to Bruce. Our conversation quickly turned to music and instruments, and Bruce shared his background knowledge of Native American Style Flute construction. ‘Flute bells’ went off in my head over the next few days and soon enough Bruce joined me part-time in the Southern Cross Flutes workshop. He is now almost full-time involved with the creation of flutes and extending the craft to a superior level.

Bruce came to the Native American Style Flute when he was working at Weta Workshops on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and looking for
some gentle creativity. He had been playing concert flute and percussion for many years, and had been at university a few years earlier studying acoustics with a mind to make musical instruments.
At this time he heard the beautiful album “Natives” by Carlos Nakai and Peter Cater, and he was hooked. This began his journey of flute building.

Bruce brings to Southern Cross Flutes  a ‘grab bag’ of creative endeavors developed over the years, and has always come back to the passion of working with timber. It was awesome to meet Todd and find another like minded soul with a love of fine woodworking and flute making.

Bruce loves carving, and his Custom Totems are a huge hit and wonderful addition to the flute lineup.

SCF Values

By 2013, I realized I needed to create branding for Southern Cross Flutes to make my flute creations and the NASF tradition more recognisible and accessible. I worked closely with the Foundry Creative, a Wellington design group, to distill graphic representations that conveyed the heart and spirit of Southern Cross Flutes.

Stephen and the team at the Foundry developed a number of inspiring concepts, and we settled on one out-standing design.

The Tui, my favourite song bird, is depicted with its wings spread wide symbolizing the flight and soaring spirit of flute song, the rise and journey of Southern Cross Flutes, and the open, nurturing NASF community we are so proud to be a part of evolving here in Aotearoa New Zealand. The stars of the Southern Cross are beautifully integrated into the design, conveying sense of place, and honouring the guiding inspiration, wonder and comfort evoked by this constellation in the life of Southern Cross Flutes.

The logo of Southern Cross Flutes is one that speaks to me, it tells a story and keeps the craft true to its source; one of creativity and inspiration, of beauty and contemplation.