This is a collection of Native American Style Flutes and resources for borrowing. This is an initiative by Southern Cross Flutes that is a first of its kind. This ‘Library’ strives to offer people a way to explore the various flutes crafted by Todd, as well as get familiar with the resources used to improve ones playing.

The following document outlines important information about the flute library, and needs to be read and agreed upon. To use the Flute Library means you accept the terms and conditions outlined below.


Please click to download and complete and return.

  • To provide cost effective opportunities to learn and discover on a Native American Style Flute.
  • To promote the various styles of flutes as crafted by Southern Cross Flutes.
  • To grow and support the NAF (Native American Style Flute) community within New Zealand
Flutes Available

The following flutes are available for borrowing in the keys of:

Love Flutes: A, G and F# minor pentatonic
Grandfather Flutes: D and B minor pentatonic

Please visit the Listening Post to hear these various flutes.
All flutes are sent out with the Southern Cross Flutes Playing Booklet.


The following borrowing costs are on a bi-monthly basis.

  • Flutes: $70
  • Postage: $15 NZ wide.
  • Return postage fee: This is your responsibility, and the same packaging must be used.
Special Offer

If purchasing a new flute after borrowing period, 50% of your flute borrowing fees can be used to offset the purchase of your new flute.

 Find out More

Contact me if you’d like to inquire more about the Flute Library.