Exceptional wood often comes my way, rare pieces, that can become a one and only flute for you.

As I craft the wood and invite new life into it, I become immersed in the patterns and textures of the wood and the sound that is waiting within. When I chisel and sand, the shape and the resonant qualities of the flute begin to emerge. It is a connection I never forget. I love this process, and it allows people to have a flute that is uniquely theirs.

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This stunning piece of Black Walnut is one I’ve held onto for many years. There is space for 3 or 4 flutes to be crafted from it. You choose!  The codes on the wood #5-1, #5-2, and #5-3 are just indications of cutting divisions for this piece.

The glorious grain structure of this piece will particulary be great for double flutes, as well as low Grandfather flutes. Love flutes can also be crafted from this piece.

Have a look at a selection of these styles of flutes below. We will be custom making this flute for you, so we will communicate together to ensure we are choosing the best materials and design for you.