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Lochmara's Voice - Todd Chaplin - Native American Flute Music

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Lochmara’s Voice – Improvisations on the Native American Flute

Lochmara Lodge, located in the Marlborough Sounds of Aotearoa New Zealand, hosted Native American Style Flute craftsman Todd Chaplin as its Artist in Residence in the Autumn of 2015. Flutecraft, music-making, and meditation amongst Lochmara’s breath-taking natural beauty led to the recording of the remarkable solo flute improvisations that, blended with the in situ soundscape of forest and coast, river and rain, birdsong and bees, are released here as Lochmara’s Voice. This is Todd’s debut album of Native American Flute Music.

The Native American Flute lends itself beautifully to improvisational playing. For Lochmara’s Voice Todd Chaplin draws on the inspiration of the natural world and the power of spontaneity – calling forth from his handcrafted flutes songs redolent of time and place that yet evoke universal human emotions, timeless spirit and connection to our world – all the while showcasing the resonant artistry and versatility of these spellbinding wooden instruments.

From Todd: “Native American Flute music has for many years held a strong place in my heart, and it’s now a great pleasure to have crafted an album to share with you”. 

Track Listing

1.   Echoes across the bay
2.   Finding voice
3.   Syrian rain song
4.   Baby I’ll see you soon
5.   I can hear it now
6.   Arise
7.   Lochmara’s voice
8.   Forest calling
9.   Lochmara’s lilt
10.   Ma, I’m coming home
11.   Harmonic journeys
12.   From the embers
13.   Drawn to silence


Playing time: 54 minutes.

Check out my Blog Posts from my stay at Lochmara Lodge, the location for these wonderful recordings.


Preview of Lochmara’s Voice.