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Welcome to our Native American Flutes Online Shop, by Southern Cross Flutes. We stock Native American Style Flutes, playing books and guidebooks (such as Enchanted Journeys) as well as music CDs, flute cases/bags, and gift vouchers.

We have endeavored to provide you with a large snapshot of our work, as we are almost exclusively focused on custom commissions. You can  check out our custom made flutes process for your very own tailor made bespoke flute.

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  • Grandfather ContraBass Flutes are sonorous and deep, bass flutes to slow you down and soften the soul. Physically the largest flutes in the Southern Cross Flutes range, the Grandfather Flutes are designed to sit closer to the body, enabling easy reach to the finger holes. Additionally, the finger holes on Grandfather Flutes are offset to create an ergonomic fit for the fingers.

  • Drone Flutes are dual chambered flutes, playing a drone through the left chamber, and melodic playing on the right – a hybrid Native American Indian Style Flute.

  • Forest Flutes are our high-octave flutes, they are sprightly and easy to play. They are great company on a forest hike, and fit snuggly into your pocket or backpack.

  • Grandfather Flutes are our lowest-octave flutes – sonorous and deep flutes – they slow you down & soften the soul. These bass Native American Flutes are available in a selection of keys, and perfect for meditation.

  • This Hitzaz scale is commonly used in Greek and Arabic music, commonly referred to as the Middle Eastern Scale, within the Native American Style Flute community.

  • Love Flutes are our mid-octave flutes, they are melodious and versatile. These are the most commonly played Native American Style Flutes, crafted for you by Southern Cross Flutes in a range of woods and keys.

  • The Mayan Temple Flute/Harmony Flute, is a multi-chambered, multi-keyed flute, that has its origins dating back to 200BCE to 1200CE. These are a hybrid Native American & Mayan Style Flute.

  • The greatest A minor plastic flute on earth. I love these go-anywhere instruments. The parts are imported from Canada and assembled in the Southern Cross Flutes Workshop.

  • Temple Drone Flutes are versatile, melodic, harmonic. Incorporating three plug-able playing holes on the left-hand side, it’s a combination of our most popular flutes.

  • Inspiring music by award-winning artists of the Native American Indian Style Flute, as well as play-along jam tracks to take your playing into new territory.

    A selection of instructional and inspiriting books for the Native American Indian Flute. Includes publications by Southern Cross Flutes.

    Native American Flute Bags, hand crafted in New Zealand in a variety of mediums. Choose from cotton-lined bags or hand woven flax cases, all with handy shoulder straps.

    Looking for a special flute gift but not sure where to start? Simply purchase a voucher and let that lucky person shop at Southern Cross Flutes.

    Crafted From Nature Gift Vouchers are redeemable online at www.southerncrossflutes.com, in person at markets/festivals, or at the Southern Cross Flutes workshop.