I love making Custom Made Flutes; it’s a real conversation that dives to the heart and soul of the experience you wish to bring about, be it a flirtatious flute for your next adventure overseas, or a mellow companion for an otherwise hectic evening in an overfilled life.

In order to get clear about what flute best suits you, it’s great to be able to get your hands on different types of flutes – woods, styles, pitches, and play them… but that’s not always possible, however, you can always cruise around the Sold Flutes Gallery to get some ideas.

So in our conversations, I will be asking you to consider the following:

1. Choose your type of flute

For example…

  • Single chamber flute (eg: Forest Flute, Love Flute or Grandfather Flute)
  • Harmony flute (eg: 2+ chambers such as Drone Flute, Mayan Temple Flute or Temple Drone Flute)


2. Choose your tuning/pitch/frequency

The default tuning is Minor Pentatonic (440hz), with many ranges of pitch to choose from, including…

  • High (such as the Forest Flute range)
  • Middle (such as the Love Flute range)
  • Low (such as the Grandfather Flute range)

The Hijaz Middle Eastern tuning is also available, as is the Heal-Earth-Tone (432hz) frequency.


3. Choose your wood

Perhaps the most special part is finding your wood; the wood that sings to you personally. Check out our…


4. Choose your design

This covers…

  • All-in-one; or
  • different wood for the mouth-piece
  • different wood for the nest
  • Type of totem (eg: standard orĀ custom-made)


5. Choose your embellishments

This includes…

  • gems, stones, copper emblems
  • carvings
  • paintings
  • feathers
  • left-hand dominant
  • special flute bag



Talk to us about your Custom Made Flute.

You can also visit our Sold Flutes Gallery to explore some of the handcrafted flutes that have already found new homes around the world!

We’ve put together a gallery of custom flutes crafted by Southern Cross Flutes. These are all one-off flutes owned by people world-wide.

Single Chambered Flutes

Drone and Mayan Temple Flutes